Home-cooked Dinner – 3 March 2016

Yummy home-cooked dishes for dinner last night, lovingly dished out by the mil…

Stir-fried baby sweet potato leaves with garlic, vegetarian ‘cai’, blanched lady fingers and crispy fried baby pomfret fish with tomato + onion sauce.  Cass who has just recovered from high fever had pretty good appetite last night. It’s a joy to see her enjoy her food again 🙂

Soup of the day – watercress with carrots, Chinese almonds and lean pork.

She also cooked porridge (pork + peanuts + dried oysters + salted egg + century egg) for hubby, who is still nursing a badly inflamed tonsillitis.

Life gets much easier and sweeter when you have someone living with you who loves cooking. I am going to enjoy this before she goes away again! 😛


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