Hello From Pa Loh!

We managed to get ourselves ready and leave the house at 7am to begin our road trip to Ipoh this morning to partake in Qing Ming tomorrow.

Fortunately we started our journey early, traffic on the North South Expressway was really smooth. We reached Ipoh at 9am and tucked into all our favorite Ipoh hawkers fare at our favorite coffee shop in Ipoh Garden East.  Our friend who only started his drive from KL at 9ish am was caught in a massive crawl on the highway.

Weather condition is  hazy and super duper HOT. My room feels like a furnace!

Oh yes, I know the title of this post have stoked the curiosity in some. Ipoh is also called “Pa Loh” in Cantonese and this name is only familiar amongst the aunties and uncles from Ipoh 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Hello From Pa Loh!

  1. How was traffic back to KL? Last saturday we left for pa loh at 6am and traffic was heavy though there was no jam. We also left the next day before 1pm to beat the traffic.

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