All About Cass

I have a love-hate relationship with Cass. I love her so deeply despite her many flaws and imperfections. I’d do anything to save her life, no matter the cost and that’s what I have been doing since having her into my life.

Whenever I visit Cass in school (2-3 times a week), she will say such sweet words to melt my heart — “mummy, do you know you look really gorgeous? Just like a model!” or “I miss you a lot mummy”. After a minor accident in the condo toilet early this week where I tripped, fell flat on the floor and bruised my knees and hands, she’s been reminding me to be extra careful. She even persuaded me not to go swimming or jogging in the morning anymore!

But this girl can make me so furious that I can strangle her, kick her out of the house and disown her for good. She really has a stubborn streak in her. Yep, she can be fiercely headstrong and tenacious and would never give way, admit her mistakes or say an apology when she is wrong. The nasty and unbelievable things that she says to me sometimes can snatch years away from my life. That’s what I always tell her.

Perhaps it is with this willfulness and perseverance in her character that make her mentally and physically strong to grapple with all the lemons thrown at her in life. She makes really refreshing lemonade!

Yesterday while meeting Cass’ teacher in school for payment of book fees, I asked Cass’ teacher for her class and standard positions in her recent exam. I could not wait till next month to collect the report card! I could not believe my eyes when I saw a single digit number on both columns in her record book for both positions! While I am very happy with her very mini accomplishment, I know that this can only mean more hard work for her, in which case, it will be more torturous for the both of us. She drives everyone bonkers during Mandarin tuition classes on some days, with her ending up being whipped, grounded, crying and sitting at the naughty corner.

As promised to her, Cass has been claiming her rewards from me earned during her recent exam and she still has a few more gifts to claim.

Below – this picture was taken last week at Mid Valley Mega Mall. Cass is still very much obsessed with Shopkins and her collection of the Shopkins family has now expanded exponentially!

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