TGIF – 20 May 2016 (A Close Shave!)

Yesterday morning was a hectic one for me. I was supposed to do some banking, fill up petrol in my car and do grocery shopping but some urgent work cropped up in the morning. I rushed out a customer’s membership application with a stack of forms to fill out, had it couriered to the Naturally Plus office, made some phone calls, sent some emails, arranged and met up with a friend to get some Izumio and Super Lutein in advance for this customer, yadi yadi yada…sigh… and the whole morning was gone.

This morning I accomplished what I was supposed to do yesterday. After doing some banking and marketing with the mil, I sent her back. Then had brunch with the hubs while waiting for our cars to be washed at an Indian eatery.

I had my favorite tosei rawa, washed down with fresh coconut water.

Today I almost got a summon ticket from a DBKL officer. Had I ran just 5 seconds later to my car, I would have been screwed and RM150 poorer!  I had parked my car at the road side to walk a few steps to a van to buy fish.  Just after I had paid for the fish, I saw a DBKL officer targeting my car.   I ran as fast as I could, just like how I used to when I was a sprinter during my school days towards the officer, flashed my sweetest pleading smile  at him (in between gasping for air), as if to motion to him to spare me from his wrath.  He looked at me rather forgivingly albeit with an air of arrogance (cheh!) and walked to the next car right in front of me – flashed out his gadget and took a picture of the car number plate before keying in the details. OMG, that was a close shave!!  It could have been my car, GAWD!  The fish could have cost RM150 more instead of RM60. I thank God for his mercy!  So, the month of May ain’t that jinxed after all. I must continue with my daily morning and nightly prayers to remain sane and safe.


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