New Izumio And Super Lutien Stock Arrived!

My new stock of Izumio and Super Lutein arrived today – for my customer and myself.  I am so glad that this time, I don’t have to lug the stock back from the office. Each box weighs 7.5kg and I normally have over 10 boxes collected. It does not help that we live in a condo.  Our trolley can only fit in 6 boxes at one go and I normally have to make two trips from the basement up to the 5th floor.

I paid Bemalas courier service to do it for me this time and receiving the stock has been a breeze!  I still had to carry the heavy boxes and stack them up nicely in the storeroom though, before some neat freak comes back and barks *roll eyes*  I enlisted the help of #2 and #3 to help me.  Did I tell you that my most preferred job at home is delegation?  Haha!

Cass and I were down with a cold and phlegmy throat 2 weeks ago.  I pumped us up with hydrogen water and carotenoids supplements and again, we got well after just a few days, without medication.  Next, the mil caught the flu bug and the virulent bug bit me again. I was sneezing non-stop yesterday with a slight cough.  Again I pumped myself with extra hydrogen water and carotenoids supplements, went to bed at 10:30pm, got up at 6am this morning feeling fresh and fully recovered! I am so happy!

In Malaysia, doctors are quick to prescribe antibiotics for any symptoms that remotely seem like an infection. Even the elderly are true believers of antibiotics as it is all that they know, a generational thing, until educated by their younger peers.

Take control of your health. Educate everyone around you.
Prevention is always the smarter choice. If you loaded up your body with powerful natural antioxidants, you will not have to consider antibiotics let alone which type.

Do give me a call 012-266 4290 or email for more information on the hydrogen water and carotenoids supplements that I have been talking about.  I’ll be glad to tell you more about these wonderful supplements 🙂


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