Hot Weather Is Back With A Vengeance

The hot, humid and dry weather is back unwelcomed and with a vengeance!  Yesterday and today have been searing.  It’s so bad that I don’t feel like leaving my seat that’s under the ceiling fan and with stand fan blowing at me at full blast. But sweat is still trickling down my neck, armpit and forehead. Damn, I hate this weather!   Just now Cass asked me why I looked so sad and what I’d like to do to be happy. I told her all I wanted to do was to sleep atop an ice block in the North Pole, haha!!

Yesterday’s temperature was 39 degrees Celsius.  Today is 36 degrees but the Real Feel temperature is 46 degrees! No wonder I had to shower three times today!!

I feel like a real slob now.  But I am going to have to force my arse off my seat now and head to the beauty salon now – to continue with my foot spa and pedicure and to enjoy the cool air-conditioning 😀

Happy holidays to those of you already enjoying your holiday.  While school is out for Drama Queen and Cass, Alycia still has school until tomorrow.


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