Our Tuesday – 12 July 2016

Once or twice a week, the hubs and I will steal some time from our busy schedule to have breakfast together, when the girls are in school.  We tend to communicate better without the kids ka-ka-cau-cau (disturbing) and distracting our train of thoughts 😀

Yesterday, I fetched the hubs from his office and then sent my car to the Indian fellas at the alley to have a wash and vacuum.  It’s our weekly routine to do that – send our cars for wash and then have breakfast at a nearby cafe or coffee shop. Our favorite is this Indian restaurant that whips up really good nasi Briyani and rotis.

I will usually order my favorite tosai rawa but yesterday, I had quite a bit of mil’s delish homemade scones for breakfast, thus didn’t order tosai rawa.  Hubs was as hungry as a wolf who hadn’t eaten for days. He ordered a huge plate of nasi Briyani piled high up with mutton curry, two Bull’s Eyes eggs, chicken curry, a big piece of fried chicken (not in picture as he wolfed it down in a jiffy!) big head bean sprouts and spinach.  I walloped the spinach and pecked on his nasi Briyani.  The plate of curried rice and meat were DIVINE! If only I had a metabolism that drudges super fast even without working out so hard 5x a week, I really wouldn’t mind whacking these babies 2-3 times in a week!  I love Indian food.

Looking at this picture makes my tummy growl now.  I am now thinking of packing nasi Briyani and tosai rawa for lunch tomorrow. 😛  I know Drama Queen and Cass will second my decision. Thanks to the hydrogen infused water and carotenoids supplements that we drink and pop daily, we no longer get heaty easily after having curry or heaty food 🙂


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Tips for Making a Good Blog Even Better

Whether you are thinking of starting a blog or you’re already up and running, there’s always things we can do to improve our craft. Pick one or do all of my suggestions, to make your blog even better.

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The first tip you need to do to improve your blog is look at your pictures. It’s critical that they match the topic and the tone of your blog. If you are a lifestyle blogger, focusing on fashion and chic trends, then make sure your pictures are stylish and posed. If you are a travel blogger, intersperse attractive stock images with your own travel pics to give it a more personalized feel. If you are still deciding what to blog about, get some inspiration here.


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Also, don’t overload your blog with pictures. One good picture that sums up what you are saying is much better that a load of random sort of relevant shots.

The next tip I have for you is to get your layout right. The fashion at the moment is for wide screen layouts with scrolling categories and images. They can look more spacious than the traditional column approach, but you will also probably end up paying for a custom site or a hosting service.

The key is to keep things simple, but not dull. A clear but decorative font, good quality images and easy ways for your readership to interact are essential. Have obvious comment boxes and social media sharing buttons. This will improve the look and the interactive aspect of your blog.

Search facility
Another key tip is that you always need a search facility built into your blog. No matter how good your categories are, only the first few posts will show at any given time. So you need a way that your fans can easily search for older posts that they still want to use.

Having good categories also makes it a lot easier for you to keep on top of what you have covered and the type of content you would like to produce in the future.

Personal info
You personal information section is paramount. Of course, you don’t want to share all your personal information with the world, so never give out home addresses or phones numbers. But you do want to give your fan base a sense of who is behind the writing and why they do it. It makes it much easier for people to connect with you and your blog and will earn your a wider readership.

Keep it working for you
Whether you are blogging for income or as a hobby, it’s important to keep your site working efficiently.  Periodically check that you search functions work and your category links are not broken. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to navigate your site.
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Also, make sure your front page loads quickly. It’s all very well having some amazing visuals to grab people’s attention. But if they take too long to load, people will get bored and go to the next site on the search list.


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