Treating Thalassemia Naturally With Hydrogen Water And Carotenoids

One of our members who has been consuming Iz**** and Super L***** shared with us the good news that her nephew with Thalassemia is slowly but surely on the road to recovery after consuming both the products for over a year. This member in particular is a medical doctor.

Below is her testimonial translated from BM to English.

Today is the first day my nephew began his new life as an undergraduate… a Thalassemia sufferer who needed blood transfusion every month. He has been taking Iz**** and Super L***** for more than a year. His blood transfusion went from 4 weeks once to 6 weeks once after taking the products.

And last night, a ‘today in history’ matter happened. His follow up for blood transfusion before he enters university.   It was shocking that his haemoglobin level was NORMAL and the doctor cancelled the scheduled blood transfusion for this month. Thank you God.  Hope that this will continue always. To whoever who has a child with Thalassemia, please PM me immediately.  With God’s blessing may their quality of lives be changed.

Thalassaemia labeled Diagram


If you know of anyone suffering from Thalassemia, please refer them to me. There is no harm trying the products. Give the products a chance to proof themselves vs. continuation with regular painful blood transfusions.

I can be reached at or 019 266 4290 for more information on the products.



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