Non-Baked Delights

Today is an off day at school for Drama Queen as some of the classrooms are utilized for Year 6 pupils sitting for their UPSR exam.

In exactly a year’s time, it will be Drama Queen’s turn to sit for the UPSR exam! Exactly a year ago, Alycia sat for her UPSR.  Time sure flies!!

Drama Queen spent her morning searching for recipe ideas from her favorite You Tuber (Laur DIY). She wants to look for cookie and cake recipes that are fuss-free and require very little ingredients.  My rule to her is – bake something that does not require my help and it MUST be mess-free and child-safe even if executed alone.  She knows that I’ll freak out if she creates mess in the kitchen.  My way or the highway, I told her.

This is what she whipped up today…

She rummaged through the fridge and found some dark chocolate and white chocolate for baking.  She popped the dark chocolate into the microwave oven to melt it. While I was busy working at the computer, she did her thing in the kitchen. I was too busy to even check what she was doing.  An hour later, I found her creation in the freezer, which was pretty impressive!

These petite goodies are for her bestie’s birthday tomorrow, which she will bring them to school for her.

The chocolaty squares are blueberry corn flakes mixed with melted dark chocolate, Pic’s sugar-free peanut butter, toasted almonds and cashews (crushed) and maple syrup. This is really yummy. The strawberries, banana and biscuits are dipped with melted chocolate and coated with white chocolate balls. She even dipped some toasted sliced almonds with the melted chocolate.

Drama Queen is set to be an entrepreneur in future. She’s already making DIY stuff with yarn, wires and accessories bought from Daiso and selling her products in school to close pals.  With the money she earns, she buys more materials to make into cute DIY stuff that she learns from You Tube. She even tells me that she wants to help me sell Izumio and Super Lutein in school. This I had to say NO coz I don’t want to be called into the principal’s office upon complaints from parents that my daughter is a hustler! lol!!

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Pre-Loved Books & New School Shoes For Sale

It’s been really tough for my girls to let go of their very much loved story books. To date, I think they have close to a thousand titles. Many of them are Geronimo Stilton, Thea Stilton, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Enid Blyton series (Famous Five and a whole bunch of stories), Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan, Heroes Of Olympus by Rick Riordan, Goosegumps by RL Stein, Mr Midnight, Mr Mystery series, The Trials Of Apollo by Rick Riordan, Magnus Chase by Rick Riordan, True Singapore Ghost Stories and much, much more. They have so many books that we have no space to store them now. The books are scattered everywhere. Well, we have a new book shelf to store some of them but the rest of the books are in their wardrobe, in plastic boxes under the bed and just about everywhere. Pretty much an eyesore to me! I told the girls that if they want to buy new books, the old ones would have to go first!  Cass keeps reminding me to snap photos of the books so that I can sell them at my online store and on Facebook. Busy schedules, daily routines, and blurs of life events made me procrastinate. Days turned into weeks and tumbled into months.  Finally yesterday, I delegated the task of doing the photography of the books to Cass, after another reminder from her. Bless this sweet little girl for volunteering to help me with the photography.

Though Cass still loves her Geronimo and Thea Stilton books, she knows she has to let them go so that she can get new ones.

I am now letting go Cass’ Geronimo Stilton and Thea Stilton books at RM10 each.  The books are currently retailed at Rm23.90 each and some at almost RM50 each for the hard-cover ones.


While hunting for some stuff in the storeroom over the weekend, I fished out a brand new pair of school shoes that I had bought for Cass early this year. It was meant to be her spare pair of shoes in case the current pair got wet or dirty. But I kept them in the storeroom and forgot all about it, dang it! When she tried it on on Saturday, it was tight. Her feet had outgrown the brand new pair of school shoes.

The pair of Bata B.First school shoes was purchased at RM32.99 and now letting go at RM23.  The materials are canvas, PVC and rubber.  Straps have velcro for easy and fast wearing.

Outer sole length is about 22cm.

I have tasked the girls to single out more books that they no longer need and snap photos of them for me to post them for sale. So watch this space. There will be more pre-loved good quality books up for grabs soon!

Interested buyers, please drop me an email at or Whatsapp / call at 019 266 4290.

Mode of receiving items – either by Pos Laju (to be borne by buyer) or pick up at my place at Old Klang Road.


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