An Eventful Wednesday Morning – 7 Sept 2016

On a wet morning today, Drama Queen and I witnessed a harrowing snatch theft.  It happened just outside Guardian Pharmacy at our neighborhood.  Drama Queen and I had just walked out of Guardian Pharmacy and were walking towards the Indian restaurant where the hubs was waiting for us for breakfast.  We heard a girl screaming, followed by some tugging between her and someone inside a car. I could not see exactly what was going on as the scene was blocked by some parked cars. I thought that a girl was having a fight with her boyfriend. But when the car sped off in lightning speed loudly (car has big loud exhaust pipe) and the girl was dragged along, I knew it was more than that. Seconds later after being dragged along by the car, the girl fell on the road. I was shocked and hoped that the girl wasn’t run over by the car.

Drama Queen and I ran to check on the girl. Thank God she wasn’t run over by the car. Passers-by came to check on her. They were asking if someone wanted to kidnap her coz of the tugging. The poor girl (in her early 20s or late teens) was sitting on the road with skirt lifted up and exposed. She was in a daze and too shocked to even cry. I quickly put her skirt back in place.  I then asked Drama Queen to help me lift her up from the road.  She was bleeding on the knees and elbow. Her hand was in great pain and she could not lift that hand. She said her handbag was snatched. I offered my phone to her for her to make a call to her friend / relative to come and fetch her. But she was still shell shocked and could not remember any phone number. She’s a Chinese national and was working at a nearby office building.

In the face of adversity I saw all races come forward together to lend a helping hand. A young Malay man quickly bought a bottle of mineral water to offer to the girl. An Indian man, who is the owner of a stationery shop nearby quickly brought out a chair for the girl to sit by the roadside.  A Chinese national wait staff at a nearby Chinese eatery quickly whipped up his phone to use WeChat to help call the victim’s friend. It was easier for him to communicate with the victim as both are Chinese nationals.

Moments later, Drama Queen, the Chinese waiter and I helped the girl into the Chinese eatery. The girl began to cry, after the shock waned off. I hugged her and comforted her. Once seated in the restaurant, I asked the girl what she wanted. She said she wanted some antiseptic cream. Drama Queen and I quickly went back into Guardian Pharmacy to get a tube of antiseptic cream and bandages for her.

At the restaurant, Drama Queen used tissue papers to wipe off the blood from the girl’s knee. She then applied the antiseptic cream with a piece of clean tissue paper onto the wound and put a bandage on.  I was amazed at how brave and calm Drama Queen was.  I asked the girl if she wanted money but she said it was ok.

Seeing that the victim was a tad settled, we went to the Indian restaurant to have our breakfast.  After our breakfast, we walked back to the Chinese eatery to check on the girl. Her 2 friends were already there. Everyone advised her to make a police report, seek treatment at a hospital and wished her luck as we parted our ways.

When I related what happened to the hubs, he commented that he heard the thunderous vroom of the car exhaust pipe and saw a Malay / Indon man in a  black beat up Proton Saga / Aeroback speeding off like an F1 driver but didn’t think of anything until I told him what had happened.

To everyone reading this post, be extra cautious whenever you are walking on the road. It does not matter whether you are walking in the direction of the traffic or opposite flow of the traffic.  The victim today was walking in the opposite direction of the traffic. The ass h*le opened his car door, grabbed her handbag, closed the door, the victim tried to pull back her bag and was dragged on the road with her dragged backwards.  When you encounter a ruthless monster high on drugs, he has no mercy on you. Hold you handbags tightly and always be on the lookout for suspicious looking cars and people surrounding you.

My breakfast of tosei rawa today.

We had breakfast with our celebrity couple friend Alan Yun and Emily Lim today. But I was a tad traumatized to really enjoy the food. My stomach was still churning.

To the ass h*le who committed the inhumane crime, may karma follow you wherever you are and bite you back real hard!


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