Holiday Activity – Cookie Baking

This idea was entirely Drama Queen’s.  And I entrusted her with the entire task as I knew she could handle it pretty well.  Except for helping her with the oven and checking on the doneness of the cookies, Drama Queen enlisted the help of her 2 side-kicks on this holiday cookie baking project today.

She got the recipe from her favorite You Tuber – LaurDIY, which is sugar-free banana chocolate chips cookies.

The 3 girls had a whale of a time in the kitchen. I was too busy with work to supervise. And they were so glad that I wasn’t there to poke my nose in their job.

Cass – I am so happy that this whole thing is WITHOUT adult supervision! Shoo shoo mummy!  We can handle this!

The outcome of the cookies was not bad.  The cookies were crispy on the outside and slightly soft in the inside. It’s like eating crispy banana muffins.  Weight watchers will love this cookie as it is sugar-free and made from organic unbleached flour.  The sweetness comes entirely from the ripened bananas.  I must say that it’s pretty good, coming from 3 girls under 13 years old who treated this as a real life child’s play masak-masak.

Even the girls’ favorite kakak Maria has 2 jars of cookies to bring home today 🙂


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Hydrogen Infused Water And Carotenoids For Good Health

At a products training session two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet and make friends with an amazing lady. She’s non other than Yvonne Gabriel.  Yvonne is the aunt of  my team leader cum mentor, my friend of 11 years. Looking at Yvonne, one would NEVER have thought that she is a cancer survivor.  She looks TERRIFIC, so pretty, bubbly, spunky, SO friendly and humble and no one would have guessed her age.   Scroll down to see her picture on the cover of Her World magazine, Feb 2011.  Yvonne is 60 years old this year. Bet you won’t believe it looking at her!

Yvonne is a single mom who has raised two teenagers single-handedly, now young adults, for the last 15 years without ANY help from the ex-husband, who is non other than the singer of Hijau.  Yvonne is currently consuming hydrogen infused water and a carotenoids supplement for good health.

Here’s a written testimonial written by Patsy, my team leader:

She is also a colon cancer survivor having gone through chemotherapy and I have personally seen her suffer with my own eyes with black toenails and pus and blood coming out of them everywhere she walked whilst she was undergoing chemotherapy.

These were some of her health ailments that she hoped to heal and see improvements on last year (2015):-
1. Frozen shoulder
2. Knee pain
3. Insomnia
4. Neck pains
5. Recurring depression
6. Gum deterioration (receding gum line)
7. Vision deterioration
8. Symptoms of old age (wrinkles!)

And one year later, we can report that:-
1. Her shoulder is much better. 3 months later it was still a bit stiff but from not being able to carry an Izumio box AT ALL then, she can now carry two.
2. Gone
3. Sleeps much better
4. Gone
5. Gone
6. Comment from Yvonne herself – As for my gums, i now brush my teeth with a pinch of salt every time, so hopefully it will stay healthy. I just want to say, exercise is crucial in maintaining body and mental health….especially as you age.
7. Vision has improved
8. She is looking hotter than ever! (Yes, I can attest to that!)

We pray for her complete healing!!!

If you would like to give this hydrogen infused water and carotenoids supplement a try, I can be reached at or 019 266 4290 for more information.


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