Good-Bye Teacher Kaitlyn

Cass’ piano teacher is a 19-year old girl who teaches part-time while studying in college.  Although teacher Kaitlyn is very strict and has a tendency to blow up if her students produce crap during lessons, Cass still loves her. Yes, there had been many times when Cass was chided when she got on teacher Kaitlyn’s nerves.  Cass can be as stubborn as a mule.  Her bullheadedness can drive me bonkers to the point I want to strangle her.   But there is just a special chemistry between them and no matter how badly she got chided, she still loves teacher Kaitlyn.  She just clicks with her teacher Kaitlyn.

Teacher Kaitlyn has informed us since the beginning of this year that she will be leaving Yamaha to pursue her degree in Law.  When Cass first heard the news, she was really really upset.  With 9 months to let the reality sink inside her, Cass has mentally  accepted the fact.  Last Saturday was teacher Kaitlyn’s last day at Yamaha.

At the end of the class, teacher Kaitlyn gave Cass a gift.  Cass was awestruck when she saw the gift.  Her eyes lit up and she gasped in disbelief.  For a moment, she was so thrilled that she froze there staring at the gift. Teacher Kaitlyn and I burst out laughing seeing how she beamed in delight when she saw the gift.  It was what she has been bugging me to get her – Season 5 Shopkins, which was released in Australia, US and Canada sometime in May / June this year.

Cass and I are already missing Kaitlyn. She’s a very talented pianist who is smart and funny at the same time. We hope that Cass’ new teacher will be a very patient teacher and most importantly have good chemistry with Cass too. I strongly believe that a child will excel in anything if he/she has a very good teacher whom he/she idolizes.



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