Random Matters (Exam Week)

Yours truly has been as busy as a worker bee the past one week.  I’ve been busy with work, busy with revising with Cass the dawdler and busy with whipping up wholesome dishes for the girls in their exam week to tank up their bodies with nutrients to help them fight well in the battlefield. Thank goodness I am not down and out yet, amidst my busyness with only 5 hours of sleep each night. Plus the stress of having to deal with two loafers in the house who don’t give a hoot that it is their final exam. Even Alycia couldn’t stand how her two sisters can still chillax with story books on the eve of their exam.

The hubs was down with  food poisoning on Sunday after we attended dinner at a restaurant on Saturday night.  And Drama Queen is recuperating from a mild running nose.

Below – our lunch on Sunday – eve of exam.  Poor hubs who puked and literally emptied his guts out, was too sick and cold to sit with us and left the Japanese restaurant to sleep in the car while we had our lunch and then shopped for groceries.

Below – with the peaceful and quiet morning time that I have while the girls are in school, I quickly get my work done before the girls are back. I had a few applications to submit to the Naturally Plus office this week and some story books to sell to clear shelf space for new books.

Today, I nearly ate a dead cockroach on my packet of dishes!! I was enjoying the chicken rendang with vegetables while reading the newspapers during lunch when I saw a black roach with legs and all, right smack in the plastic takeout box, just next to the chicken, freaking SH*T!!!! Of all insects, it had to be my  most feared enemy. And it scared the living daylights out of me! I quickly spat out the veggies that I was still munching and gagged everything else out. Then binned the box of food and rinsed my mouth and gagged more stuff out. OMG,  I don’t know what else went inside my stomach.  This is why I am never keen to buy takeout economy dishes. I have not done it for a long time and I guess it will take me a long time to get over  today’s incident.

We have TWO more days to go before we can all reclaim our long FREEEEEEEDOM until January 2017, YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!!


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