School Holidays

The mil came back from Hong Kong after being away for 4 months. As usual, she brought back lots of goodies from Hong Kong, New Zealand, Korea and Japan.

We had Panettone Christmas bread for breakfast today. Panettone bread is something that we only get to eat once a year around Christmas, which my eldest sil from Hong Kong buys for us, thus is a holiday treat for us. If you’re new to Panettone bread, you’ll be shocked to see the price tag on it.

It has been a wet holiday the past one week.  Alycia’s tennis lesson had to be cancelled yesterday because of the rain and we couldn’t go to the park either. The past few mornings have been wet too, so I’ve had a good excuse to skip exercise. My bad, I must compensate and try to work out in the gym soon! Drama Queen is already planning on the next baking project in the kitchen and Cass has been spending hours on end doing art and craft.

prom backdrops/prom backdrops for sale/prom photo backdrops/

The mil ain’t feeling too well and my stint as sous-chef de cuisine has to be extended indefinitely.  Thankfully I have Drama Queen to help me out.

The girls have something to look forward to this school holiday. First is a 3-day-2-night stay at Ratu Rening with friends next week. Ratu Rening is a hidden ecological retreat near Genting Highlands, surrounded by a crystal clear stream and forest reserve. Second is our yearly end-of-the-year holiday at my parents in Ipoh where we plan to have several celebrations during this festive period 🙂

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