Eve Of New Year’s Eve – 30 Dec 2016

Today is the hubs’ birthday. He turns 45.  For some personal reasons, he does not like to celebrate his birthday, not even to have a birthday cake. He prefers a low key birthday celebration. So we had a simple lunch at our favorite cafe – Red Kettle with no cake but with Portugese egg tarts, which are the BEST in the world. Seriously.

After lunch, we ambled at the park across the cafe to burn some calories. We were really stuffed!  We saw a kit of pigeons and the hubs decided to feed the pigeons… with the expensive gourmet bread that he had bought from the cafe! Oh well, it’s his birthday and he probably felt he wanted to do a good deed by feeding those pigeons. Cass was excited and started to feed the pigeons without waiting. Seconds later, another kit of pigeons nearby flew together in droves towards us to catch the bread. From afar, the big kit of pigeons looked like they were about to attack us and they looked really intimidating. Cass ran away screaming lol!

Since we had some leftover rice in doggy bag, we fed the pigeons with rice too. More pigeons flew towards us and Cass was terrified. But she soon overcame her fear and tried to pat the adorable birds.

Today is an unforgettable day for Cass and Drama Queen. It’s a ‘Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah’ event for them.  They both learned how to cycle without training wheels! I know it’s pretty late for Sherilyn (who turns 12 in 1.5 months) and that’s because I have always been busy and never had the time to train her. But cycling is really easy to pick up and they both learned how to cycle like pros in under an hour, wooohooo!!

I have two very happy and victorious girls today. They both went home and boasted about their little achievement to their big sister who still hasn’t mastered the skill of cycling sans the training wheels and is still not bothered to learn! 😳

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Christmas Eve 2016

We spent our Christmas Eve morning doing last minute shopping for gifts…. again.  The hubs brought us to the Nike shop and bought everyone a pair of Nike shoes for Christmas 😀

In the afternoon, my VVIP guests from Ipoh and Singapore arrived!

Image may contain: one or more people

Dinner was at our favorite neighborhood Chinese restaurant – Seng Kee Kitchen.

We had fried whole stuffed egg plant with fish paste, fried milk butter prawns with curry leaves…

Sambal with petai aka stinky beans.  While I enjoy eating petai, I HATE the aftermath the next morning, don’t you? The stinky breath and the stench from the toilet activity, GAWD, such a turn-off eh?

Image may contain: food

Steamed kampung chicken…

Lip-smacking ‘char siew’ – the best in the world!

Steamed fish…

After dinner, we went home to have some Chrismassy desserts and the adults had wine.  Our Christmas cake was a very delectable jackfruit cake with generous amounts of fresh jackfruit. We loved it.

Gingerbreadman for the kids…

My beloved parents with Alycia, their much-loved first grandchild.  Alycia received ang pows from her koong koong and granny as belated birthday gift.

And then everyone opened their Christmas gifts.  We bought a smaller Christmas tree this year as the hubs had been busy with work and didn’t have the time to fish out our old Christmas tree that he had kept in his office.

I am typing this post in my home sweet home in the land of pomeloes and crunchy bean sprouts! We got back yesterday and have been tucking into lots of yums Ipoh food 😛


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Christmas Pie By Chef Sher

Drama Queen was itching to bake a Christmas pie so that when our guests arrive on Christmas Eve, they could have it during tea time.  She dragged me to bring her to the supermarket to buy the ingredients this afternoon and once back home, she got down to work immediately.

After spending many hours in the kitchen preparing the dough, resulting in a very messy and dirty kitchen, the dough was finally ready. Gosh dough making is SO tedious and time consuming. Next time, we’ll get ready-made frozen dough to save my delicate hands from having to wipe the kitchen tops and floor over and over again! Though our dear part-time helper was around to help, we had to do some of the cleaning too.  With a kid playing ‘masak-masak’ making dough, I am sure you can imagine the mess! Oh I hate the buttery dough and flour everywhere on the kitchen top and floor! In fact, we have both just finished cleaning the kitchen and it’s almost midnight now!

All the hard work we all put in was worth it. The Christmas meat pie was perfect. It stacks up to overly charged gourmet pies at cafes and pie shops.

We’re going to save this pie for our VVIP guests tomorrow when they arrive from Singapore and Ipoh.


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Dong Zhi 2016

Today Alycia & Sherilyn went Christmas shopping with their grandma and two grandaunts.  Cass and I had Japanese for lunch with the hubs after sending my car to the Hyundai service center for repair.

So hungry was she that the moment the server placed the bento set on the table, she grabbed the potato salad and wolved it down within seconds!

We were pleasantly surprised when the manager of the Japanese restaurant brought out 3 bowls of ‘tang yuan’ and served us – on the house.

I am not a ‘tang yuan’ fan but these rice balls made ala Japanese were yums. The manager took the trouble to explain to me that the pink balls have strawberry puree mixed into the dough, the yellow balls were made with yuzu and the white ones were plain. The rice balls were chewy and delightful in light ginger soup.

We will have another round of ‘tang yuan’ later when the whole jingbang come back from the mall to start rolling the rice balls.

I’d like to wish all my readers “Happy Dong Zhi” and enjoy your holidays!  To my niece Raelyne – happiest 5th birthday and to my big brother Ray – happy blessed birthday.  See you all on Saturday!! 🎉🎉🎇🎇😍


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Best Travel Options When Traveling From Singapore To Kuala Lumpur

If you’re in the beautiful city of Singapore and would want to cross border to the charming capital of Malaysia, you need to consider means that will get you there comfortably and safely. The two cities are about 320 km apart and going by a personal car might take you close to 4 or 5 hours and the journey can be extremely tiring. So why not choose a cheaper and more convenient option like taking a flight, bus or train? Each of these means has its very own benefits as well as drawbacks but you can always find one that best suits your needs and budget.

Let’s take a close look at how each of the transportation routes best suit your needs.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Travelling by bus

If you are travelling alone, and would want a straightforward and convenient travelling means, taking a bus or luxury coach can be the best option. Depending on the amount of traffic, a journey from Singapore to KL might take 5 to 7 hours. One of the best benefits about travelling in buses is that they can conveniently drop you off anywhere in the city. There are two major options to consider with bus services that are city buses and luxury buses.

Regardless of the type of buses, you can easily get a ticket via online portal at http://www.easybook.com/en-sg/bus/booking/singapore-to-kualalumpur. What differentiates a normal city bus and luxury bus is the comfort you are getting for the long journey especially when a luxury bus comes with personal TVs, Wi-Fi and even snacks. The only drawback will the hefty price tag of $40 and above as opposed to a normal bus ticket that is as cheap as $18 to $25.


Travelling by Flight

Taking a flight is definitely one of the quickest ways to get from Singapore to KL. A typical flight between these two places takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. However, one need to take into account of the time needed for check-in and passing the custom which might add up to another hour.

Major Singapore-to-Malaysia carriers that are budget-friendly include Jetstar, AsiaAir, and Tigerair. Prices in these airlines can go as low as $30 including fees and taxes. Be sure to check out on days these airlines offer promos for tickets. One tip will be to compare the many flight ticket prices via https://www.google.com.my/flights/.

Although you can save up the time of traveling from Singapore to Malaysia, getting to the Kuala Lumpur city center could be time consuming when the airport is situated more than 50KM away from the city. Do prepare RM 70 to RM 100 for a budget taxi to get to your destination or alternatively you can take a bus to KL Sentral too.

Do remember that there isn’t any centralized bus station in Singapore but there are multiple pick up points on the island with the likes of Lavendar, Novena, Boon Lay, Golden Mile Complex, Katong V Mall and many more. You just need to find the nearest pick up point and hop on the bus to Kuala Lumpur. It’s that simple.

 Travelling by Train

If you would want to enjoy the scenic ride from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, taking KTMB Intercity train can be a perfect choice. You can enjoy amazing view of Kampong village and palm oil plantations. Departure time for trains include 8 am and 1 pm with the overnight train leaving at 10:30 pm. A typical day train takes about 6 hours while the overnight train 8 hours with the cost of $10 for 2nd class seat, $15 for 2nd class sleeper and $40 to $45 for a 1st class deluxe sleeper that gives you a private cabin with a TV and shower.

Although it is definitely going to be the slowest among all the options until the very much anticipated High Speed Rail (HSR) starts operating in 2026, travelling by train is still preferred by most with the relatively affordable pricing and the opportunity to soak in the breathtaking view as well as having plenty of chance to get a really good nap.


There you have it with the numerous options that you can make use of when travelling to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore. You are definitely spoiled with choices but its best to define the urgency of the trip and your budget and put those considerations as part of your planning so that you will not make a hasty and much regretted decision. All in all, travelling by bus could still be the best option for the stability of ticket prices and the shorter journey as opposed to train. You can get your ticket easily at http://www.easybook.com/en-sg/bus/booking/singapore-to-kualalumpur.


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Yung Kee Beef Brisket Noodles (Ngau Lam Mee) @ Jalan Pudu, KL

If you’re prepared to sweat it out under a canopy in the hot sun to enjoy one of the tastiest Hong Kong style ngau lam mee (beef brisket noodles) in the Klang Valley, head over to Yung Kee at Kwai Hup Restaurant (coffee shop) at Jalan Pudu.  We did just that on our Saturday morning when the hubs was in the mood to drive us to Pudu for breakfast.  Though we sweated buckets sitting under the canopy in the 11:30 am scorching hot sun, we enjoyed our beef brisket noodles with beef balls, beef tendons, wagyu beef and honeycomb like tripe cow’s stomach thoroughly.  And then tapau-ed 50 pieces of uncooked beef balls at 80 sen each.  🐂

Housed in an unassuming coffee shop, no one would have known that inside the coffee shop lies the tastiest beef noodles stall in the Klang Valley. Housed inside the coffee shop is another stall that sells prawn noodles and shredded chicken noodles.

Look for this corner restaurant to get your beef noodles fix.

Albert cooks the beef brisket till the meat is fork tender and the fat is coagulated into a creamy mass.

The honeycomb like tripe is a must-order with a bowl of cow’s stomach.

Below – our order…


Below – the homemade ‘lai fun’ with thick goey broth is unlike other ngau lam mee.  The ‘lai fun’ has good texture, the broth is rich and beefy; sesame seeds and toasted peanuts are sprinkled on the noodles to add moreishness, crunch and an earthy hint to the bowl of goodness.

While hubs had ‘kon lo lai fun’, I stuck to meehoon (my all-time favorite noodles) in beefy soup.  The soup has a robust beefy taste and is thicker in consistency than those from other stalls.

Below – our mean bowl of Wagyu beef which tasted heavenly! Check out the thinly cut strips of Wagyu beef, cooked to a tee, with hues of pink  and a little fat. They melt in the mouth. After snapping a picture of this, nothing was left in the bowl for me anymore!  They were wolved down in a jiffy!

Below – Albert Lai (the owner) had honed his skills in Hong Kong to prepare beef noodles.

Albert Lai had honed his skills in Hong Kong to prepare beef noodles. — Pictures by Choo Choy May

The total bill for our breakfast including the 50 pieces of takeaway beef balls cost  over RM130 for 3 adults and 3 big-eater kids. Reasonable?

We’re having another round of beef balls with  noodles at home for dinner tonight. The smell of the beef balls simmering in the beef broth wafting in the air is making my tummy growl now! 😋😋😆🍜🍜🍜

Yung Kee Beef Noodles,
Restaurant Kwai Hup,
24, Jalan Kancil,
Off Jalan Landak, Pudu, KL.
Tel: 012-215 8009.
Open: 8am to 3.30pm. (On Saturdays and Sundays, they usually finish by 2pm).


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Hike To The Waterfall @ Ratu Rening

Hiking in the jungle is not the girls’ first. They had tackled Rangitoto Island in New Zealand 2 years ago as well as Stanley Peak and Victoria Peak in Hong Kong last year. But this is by far the toughest ever hike for them at Ratu Rening.  The hike to the waterfall on steep and very muddy terrain (it had rained all night) took us about 2 hours.  The descent was about 1 hour plus. I almost wanted to give up and make a U-turn but our Indon guide had warned us prior to agreeing to the hike that there shan’t be any U-turn. He also asked me several times if I was certain that I wanted to bring Cass along as the hike is not suitable for young kids. So I soldiered on, pushed my boundaries and challenged my stamina despite being breathless each time we climbed up a steep and muddy hill.  There were a total of 7 steep hills to conquer. Flat terrain was easy peasy for me, though muddy. What zapped away all my energy was the steep hills.  We could make a U-turn after reaching a stream about 1km away from our villa. Hubs and I had initially agreed to go back after reaching the stream but when everyone was super enthusiastic to hike for another 1.5 hours to the waterfall, especially Cass, we joined them.  Well, no regrets as the waterfall was a sight to behold. The water was crystal clear and icy cold.  The waterfall area is pristine and unpolluted as I think not many people would want to venture into such a risky hike to the waterfall.

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor, nature and water

Below- about half an hour before reaching the waterfall, we had a nerve-racking balancing stunt on some slippery and rickety bamboo ‘bridge’ while holding on to ropes – crawling and climbing down steep steps towards the waterfall. I made sure I was behind Cass screaming to her to hold on tightly to the rope. And I hollered to my man to take a snap shot of this stunt for I know that the snap shots will be priceless and definitely a keep sake for future reminisce.  Am glad he obliged and despite lugging his humongous backpack and mine, he managed to whip out his phone to take a quick snap shot 😀

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Below – see the man with an orange float across his shoulder? That’s our friendly Indon guide.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, shorts, tree, outdoor and nature

As we got nearer to the waterfall, the sounds of the gushing water got louder and louder… and the descent got tougher and finally, voila, we saw the beautiful waterfall!!

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor, water and nature

Image may contain: one or more people, tree, plant, outdoor, nature and water

Below – my tough cili padi with an indefatigable spirit braved  2 hours of tough jungle hike on unforgiving tracks without a single complaint. It’s always been her wish to tackle tough jungle hikes, just like her 2 sisters. Cass missed the 2 jungle hikes that her 2 sisters did in Hong Kong last year.  Her limbs were covered with mozzie bites despite me applying thick layers of mozzie repellent and lemongrass essential oil on them but she had no complaints. She was always ahead of all of us and I think she’s a hero in her own right.

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor, nature and water

Crystal clear and unpolluted water – can you spot the fishes in the water?

Image may contain: outdoor and water

Image may contain: plant, outdoor, water, nature and food

Alycia soaking in the sun after a long dip in the icy cool water…

Image may contain: plant, bird, tree, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: plant, outdoor, water and nature

Picture perfect postcard shot of the waterfall…

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor, nature and water


Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor, nature and water

Despite the icy cold water and everyone shivering (it was drizzling lightly), everyone made a dash into the cold water. We brought along snacks and devoured on them like a pack of hungry wolves after our grueling 2 hours hike and long dip in the water.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, child, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor and nature

My baby girl and I…

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, outdoor, water and nature

On our hike back to the villa, we had a close encounter with these lovey dovey creatures in the midst of their love session!

Image may contain: shoes, plant, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature


I asked the girls if they would want to go to Ratu Rening  for yet another wilderness adventure stay and do another hike to the waterfall and I got three resounding YES!!  As for me, I still have reservations as my main turn-off is the lack of ensuite facilities in the bedrooms.  Well, I may consider doing this again after a few years when Cass is bigger and I have forgotten about all the inconvenience and creepiness of walking up and down slippery steps in the rain in the forest to use the toilet at ungodly hours.

Check out more updates and pictures of our villa at Ratu Rening Residency in my other blog.

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Back To ‘Civilization’!

After a 3-day-2-night stay in the jungle doing ‘camping in style’, I am SO SO glad that we are back home. To civilization!  During our stay in the forest reserve, we were  up close and personal with nature. Though the rustic villa at Ratu Rening was breathtaking, I just could not live comfortably without an ensuite toilet / bathroom in our bedroom. We had to climb up and down stairs and walk briefly (less than a minute) in the forest in the rain to reach our toilet where we would be greeted by a mishmash of jungle insects and creatures (lots of dragon fly, jungle roaches, baby frogs, camouflage insects, ants, lizards, etc) in the toilet when we visited the toilet in the wee hours of the morning *shudder*.   Cass was terrified of using the toilet each time and would stay frozen in a stationery position clutching on to me, lest the jungle insects flew to her direction.

Though the rooms are modern, there are still plenty of jungle insects inside them. Only 2 rooms are 99% enclosed to the top. The other rooms are open, leaving creatures and insects roaming freely into the open rooms! The two most adventurous couples chose the open rooms, sans air-cond. Thankfully it only drizzled on the two nights we stayed there. Had it rained cats and dogs, our friends occupying the open rooms would have been  wet.

I told the girls that they were camping in style in the jungle and that if they had so much complaints with insects and no ensuite bathroom, they have failed miserably and will never have the guts to camp in the jungle in tents sans toilets and bathrooms like how I used to when I was a teenager, where hiking and camping were my forte.  I even did a 1-day solo camp in the deep jungle during a 10-day wilderness adventure camp in Lumut. Yup I was that brave and dirt-resistant but that’s history now.

Our stay at Ratu Rening Residency brought me down memory lane. The loud sounds of insects filling the still of the night as we slept, the walk in the forest to the toilet in chilly air in the wee hours of the morning, the smell of nature, sharing our beds with jungle insects, the hike in muddy terrain to the waterfall, peeing in the wild (haha!), swimming in the waterfall, the BBQ at night, remind me of my camping days in 1987 – 1989. I am in awe that Cass has so much energy to reach the waterfall first and to return to our villa first, along with other kids during the 3-hour hike to and fro the waterfall.  The owner of the villa stated in her website that this place is not suitable for kids below 12 years old. I am so glad that Cass survived living in the wilderness.

That’s the aftermath of our 3-day-2-night forest retreat – loads of wet and muddy clothes and shoes.  I did 5 rounds of laundry today and my house now looks like a make-shift laundry shop.

I can’t wait to plonk myself onto my cosy bed now!

To be continued with more pix of our forest retreat and our challenging 3-hour hike in the jungle to a beautiful waterfall with pristine water and scenery…

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Weekend Getaway In A Jungle

In  under an hour’s time, we will be off to Ratu Rening (near Genting Highlands / Batang Kali) for a weekend getaway with our usual group of buddies and their kiddos. Hubs and I have been friends with these group of friends since we were teenagers. Our girls and their kids have been friends since they were infant. Our girls look forward to this ecological retreat in a forest reserve very much. Errr, but not me. I used to be a sucker for the jungle, camping in the wilderness, swimming at the waterfalls, bathing in the streams and rivers but ever since having kids, I have morphed into a clean freak haha!  Well, guess it’s time to un-morph myself back to what I was when I was a kid. Who knows I’ll love the wilderness and adventurous life once again. I’ve stashed away bottles of lemon grass essential oil, tea tree oil, lots of mozzie repellent and band aids in our bags for our jungle adventure! ha ha ha!!




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Home-Cooked Dinner

The mil is still feeling a tad under the weather, thus I am still in charged of cooking dinner every day.  Thankfully it’s the school hols and the girls can help out in the kitchen. On some days, they would be very eager to help but on some days, gawd I have to holler at them and drag them into the kitchen as I would dragging a mule in, just like today!

Here are some of the dishes whipped up this week…

Taiwanese Lu Rou (braised pork)…

Sauteed cauliflower with Bunashimeiji mushrooms and carrot strips…

Tomyam chicken fillet with ladies fingers and Bunashimeiji mushrooms.  These mushrooms are on promotion at our neighborhood supermarket, thus I have been buying them and including them in my dishes everyday 😀  Why not when mushrooms are a good source of fiber, protein, vitamins and nutrients, right?

Bitter gourd omelette…


Much as I would like to put my legs up and just sit in front of my computer to do my work or simply go running with the girls downstairs or work out in the gym in the evening, when there’s a little crisis at home, sacrifices have to be made. Can’t wait for the mil to get well soon. I am pretty sick and tired of cooking.  Can’t wait to take a good break and enjoy the year-end celebrations and food outside the house 😀


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The Essentials For Keeping Your Cool When Health Problems Heat Up

We all have concerns about our health from time to time. Sometimes they’re based on very little – a small pain that we build up to mean more than it is. Other times, as much as we try to ignore something, it becomes impossible and we have to confront it.

Keyboard, Button, Panic, Eliminates, Delete, Internet

The mood we are in at the time has a lot to do with how we handle things, too. As well as this, the suddenness with which something comes on can be a factor.

The longer you live, the more it becomes inevitable that here and there you will have a health crisis to deal with. It becomes all the more sure if you have kids. We all know how often we were in and out of doctors’ offices when we were little. And because kids aren’t that well educated in how to self-diagnose, you end up treating every tummy ache like it’s an emergency. Even if it’s really just too much chocolate!

Being ready to deal with a crisis is always important. We always hear about how vital it is to “stay calm in a crisis.” As a statement, this is sometimes misleading. The word “calm” implies you’re relaxed and dispassionate. But with a health crisis, it’s important to be just the opposite of that. You care, you’re involved, and you want prompt action. You just don’t want to rush things too much or make an error.

So, when it comes to dealing with a health crisis, you need to be very focused on getting things dealt with. Whether or not you can call yourself calm is another matter. Inside, you may be panicking – especially if it is your child who is experiencing the crisis. But on the surface, you need to remember the key points of dealing with a health crisis.

#1. Get All The Information You Can

Whether it is you or someone else who is having the issue, it is essential to know as much about the symptoms as you can find out. If you are suddenly gripped by chest pain, you may have the same reaction a lot of people do in the circumstances. It’s easy to assume it is a heart attack. The vast majority of the time, it won’t be.

Thermometer, Temperature, Measurement, Health

So think of how you would describe that pain to a medical professional. Try to notice if there is anything else amiss.

Similarly, if your child reports feeling unwell there are some questions you need to ask them. Are they in pain? If so, where? If they say that they are feeling sick, ask them about that. Do they feel nauseous? Do they feel hot? Check them for a temperature, and note if there is anything different about their appearance. If you need to source medical intervention, the more information you have, the better.

#2. Try To Resist Dr. Google!

The internet is an invaluable source of information on just about every topic under the sun. Medicine is no exception, but it comes with heavy caveats. You may be tempted to put your symptoms into a search engine and see what comes out. Any doctor would advise against this. There are so many symptoms around which can be a sign of something serious, or something almost entirely benign.

Office, Freelancer, Computer, Business, Work, Laptop

Because of the way that search engine algorithms work, you can all too easily find that the most shocking results are the ones that get to the top. Mistaking something minor like a throat infection for cancer is common. The simple truth is that it’s always more likely to be something benign – and a few questions from a doctor can be enough to confirm this.

Flu, Influenza, Cold, Virus, Sick, Illness, Ill

This is doubly important when you’re looking for the right information when a child is unwell. It’s important to ask them questions, but remember that they’re not familiar with most symptoms. They may answer “yes” to a question because they think they should. The combination of their inaccurate answer and the perils of online searching can lead you down a dangerous road. Always get professional medical advice.

#3. If Pain Isn’t Going Away, Don’t Delay

While most sudden health issues will go away as quickly as they began, it’s not a good idea to count on this being the case. If you or a loved one is in pain, and you can’t be sure why then treat it seriously.

Clock, Time, Time Indicating, Time Of, Clock Face

Sometimes, it’s a recurring health issue, in which case you can adopt the usual strategy and ride it out. But if it’s a new pain, or is getting worse when it would usually go away, you need to see a doctor.

If you are experiencing a problem with your teeth, for example, wait for an hour or so for the pain to subside. If it keeps getting worse, then don’t try to sleep on it. When there are emergency services such as dentist.24hourly.com to call upon, be ready to make use of them. Problems such as gum infections can spread and cause you or a loved one to become ill in a short space of time. It’s always better to know.

#4. You Can Treat Symptoms, But Doctors Treat Illnesses

Having a well-stocked first aid kit is always important because from time to time we’re all going to feel a bit below par.

Sometimes you will have a headache for no apparent reason. It could be because you haven’t drunk enough water, or you have been somewhere with a higher than usual level of air pollution. If this happens, then a couple of over the counter painkillers can be all you need.

The same applies to any kind of occasional pain. But you can only ever treat the symptom of a condition. If you find that the symptoms are recurring and don’t go away after home medication and a night’s sleep, then there may be a deeper cause. There could be any one of many reasons for the symptoms you are experiencing. But to make the problem go away, you need to know what it is – and that will usually need a qualified doctor.

#5. Resist The Urge To Self-Diagnose Everything

Although medical science has been a wondrous development in so many ways, it is fair to say that it has had some adverse effects. One of these is the impulse to need to have a name for everything. Conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome are often referred to as “trashcan diagnosis.” Fibromyalgia is another condition in the same group. These are sets of symptoms that may have no clear, definable cause. Because it is troubling to hear that a doctor can’t find a reason for your symptoms, an overall general diagnosis is given.

Blood Pressure Monitor, Bless You, Heart Rate

It’s worth keeping this in mind because so many of us will zone in on certain symptoms and try to diagnose ourselves. Sometimes, we have an issue that doesn’t have an apparent cause. This doesn’t stop us from wanting a name for it; if we know what it is we know what to do about it.

Rest assured that if you have something serious, it will have a name and a treatment plan already designed. If it’s something less defined, it may make life difficult, but it can be managed.

Take some time to think about the points above, if you find yourself dealing with a medical issue for yourself or a close one. We’re all guilty from time to time of letting the uncertainty of a situation be filled with thoughts of the worst. The only way truly to avoid this is to get some certainty. While waiting for this might be testing for you, it’s better than letting your imagination run wild.

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School Holiday Activities

Since yesterday, Cass has been spending hours on end learning how to sew. I have been too busy to teach her sewing and grandma isn’t feeling well. But so determined is this little fella to learn how to sew that she asked her grandma for old cloth scraps and rummaged through her drawers to hunt for worn out clothes and socks and then learned how to sew on her own.  She cut out shapes (hearts and circles) from the old cloth scraps, then sewed them together to form it into a cushion / bag like structure. Then she rummaged through my drawers to find cotton wool to stuff inside  before sewing them up. She made a miniature heart shape cushion, a little bean bag and even sewed up her torn skirt.   I asked her how she did it and she nonchalantly replied “just sew up and down only la, to close all the gaps.”  She used the big head needles that I bought from Daiso on Sunday.  And I think she went to You Tube for tutorials too.  Not bad at all!  When I have the time tomorrow, I shall take pix of her sewn products. I am mighty proud of my baby girl. When mummy is too busy, she can be really independent and learned a new skill on her own, which is a survival skill for her in future.

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The Accidental Millionaire Farmer

This is by far one of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard.  It is a true story of a 74-year old sickly farmer with a switch of fate – from sickly to healthy and from poor to rich after he consumed hydrogen infused water and a supplement containing carotenoids in the hope of treating his chronic diabetes.

The picture below shows Dr Siti’s Facebook posting about Ah Pek the farmer and accidental millionaire.  Dr Siti is a medical doctor and a consumer of both the products.  Ah Pek was Dr Siti’s patient. He had chronic diabetes and had a ulcer on his leg which didn’t heal. Ah Pek was on insulin jabs and his weight dropped from 75kg to 45kg. He would frequently visit Dr Siti’s clinic in Jementah with his family members supporting him as he was too weak.  One day, Ah Pek came to his clinic with his sugar level dropped to 5 mmol/l.  He was then off insulin jabs.  It was then that Ah Pek introduced the hydrogen water and carotenoids supplement to Dr Siti. And the rest they say is history.

The picture below shows Dr Siti and Ah Pek holidaying in Italy recently. They had both won a free holiday to Italy, courtesy of the company distributing the supplements.  At 74 years old, Ah Pek is in the pink of health. He could explore the Vatican City and climb up to Coloseum.

Just a farmer and Ah Pek is now earning a 5-figure monthly income from Naturally Plus. Next year, he will be well on his way to earn a 6-figure monthly income.  And he achieved all these in less than 4 years, amazing!

It is wonderful that Ah Pek has his health and life back (when Dr Jalil expected him to be in deep trouble) and is traveling the world now and very fit to do so!

Ah Pek only has 3 sponsors / downlines – his wife, Dr Siti and another lady 😂😂😂 and yet he is able to earn such a comfortable passive income from Naturally Plus.  If only I could be half as ‘lucky’ as him. Well, with patience and persistence, I believe that I can. Give me another 2 years ya!

Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290 or email me at shireenyong@gmail.com to find out more.


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Our Friday, 2 Dec 2016

Brunch on a breezy and gloomy Friday morning was Indian food at our regular Indian eatery – me, the girls and the mil.  Hubs had to be at his client’s event.

We had mutton murtabak – so yummy!!

The mil had roti canai, Cass had roti telur and I had my favorite tosai rawa.

Today is a day of baking for the girls. While waiting for her 2 sisters to  prep the ingredients for blueberry lemon cheese tarts, Cass made an array of pastries and cakes that look as enticing as the real thing… from magic clay!

Cass wouldn’t let anyone touch her clay cakes, lest her babies get dented.

After a laborious 4 hours in the kitchen, the girls with supervision from their grandma managed to whip up these super delish blueberry lemon cream cheese tarts. They are SO SO SO good that they should be illegal. Seriously.  Best in the world tarts with crispy pastry and super creamy lemony cheesy filling oozing with drug-like ooooommmph.  Plus with fresh juicy and sweet blueberries accompanying the cheesy crispy tarts, the tarts are totally out of this world. Swoon!!

While the girls busied themselves with tarts baking in the dry kitchen, I was busy in the wet kitchen cooking up dinner. There’s been a hive of activity in the kitchen every evening as the 3 girls converge there to help to cook.  The mil is still feeling under the weather and I am still fully in charged of cooking dinner for 6 – 7 people each night.


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