Almost Burnt The House Down!

I almost got a major heart attack this morning, thanks to the hubs who just LOVES to pull my leg all the time!!  Honey, I know you secretly read all my blog posts daily though you deny it vehemently.  Go have a good laugh ok, that you succeeded this time -you almost killed me OK!  You know I have a weak heart and can’t take shitty news 😡😡

Here’s his Whatsapp message to me, which I only got to read later while driving back from school. My heart zoomed to my mouth after reading the message and I really thought I burnt the kitchen down. Feeling thunderstruck, I almost crashed my car.

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I am retyping our conversation here for ease of reading:

Hubs – honey, u boiling something at home?  Cleaner said smoke coming from our kitchen window

Me – Don’t know (was driving and could not type more).

Just after reading the Whatsapp message, his car passed my car. We were about a few hundred meters away from home. I thought he had gone home to check on our burnt down kitchen!! I felt like I had lost my marbles. I called him on the phone immediately.

This morning, I had left the house hurriedly.  In the morning, after my usual morning exercise, I sent the mil to the park to buy some fish. Then went to pack some breakfast and rushed home where I gobbled my breakfast down hurriedly. Then did laundry and boiled water.

Yes I boiled water but the darn whistling kettle recently stopped whistling and in the haste to rush off to  school to beat the morning traffic jam (to pay school fees), I had forgotten all about the kettle on the stove.  Hubs was still in bed at home.  We busy mummies have so many chores to accomplish every single minute and while at them, we have to think of the next 101 things on our ‘to-do list’ and what to ask the teachers when we meet them. No one would understand what we go through everyday unless they have been there.

And the hubs just had to pull a fast one on me!  When I called him on the phone, he continued pulling my leg, probably laughing his ass off imagining how horrid I had looked and felt. He didn’t give a rat’s patootie how awful I was feeling. He told me to go home to check out the situation, wtf 😡

I rushed home and as I approached our unit, I felt slightly better that I didn’t smell anything nasty. Yay, no burnt smell.  Kitchen from the outside still looks good.  And the Whatsapp message from him did NOT sound urgent or serious.  Had there been a fire at home, he would have called me to return home ASAP where he would have strangled me or I would probably have gotten an earful from him on the phone. But all these didn’t happen.

Nothing was burnt, except that the kettle had almost no more  water left inside. And the kitchen had a good steam sterilization  for a good 1.5 hours or so 😥


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