Samo The Samoyed

Cass looks forward to Saturdays.  After piano lesson in the evening, it is now a norm that we walk to the pet shop next door to visit Samo, the Samoyed dog. We have named this pup Samo 🙂  At less than a year old, Samo is already as tall and probably heavier than Cass when standing on her hind legs. We both adore Samo so very much as she’s such a charmer – so cute, so smart and so friendly. And oh yes, she’s a fluff ball with thick white fur like snow.

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Samo loves to play with Cass, though they are separated by a glass panel.

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Samo is such a beauty and this is why she is with a price tag of almost RM8,000!! And this is why even after more than half a year, she is still an item in the pet shop. Had she been priced half the cost of what she is now, I am pretty sure some dog lovers would have brought her home to spoil her rotten.  I would too if we weren’t staying in a condo.  Would you spend RM8k on an imported pedigree dog?

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Cass always tells me that her ambition is to earn lots of money (we’ll see!), buy a big house with spacious land and buy three dogs for us- a Samoyed, a Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky. She says my job will be to care for the dogs when she’s at work. We love talking about her dreams and ambition together in the car after piano lesson on our way home every Saturday evening 🙂



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