Book Worm

Cass is a book worm. She reads ALL sorts of novels and magazines, even Reader’s Digest.

During spring cleaning of the house just before CNY, the hubs fished out a drawer full of books. They were mostly my old novels. I left the pile of books in a box  to be given away.  And the little worm inched her way to the box, ransacked it and fished out a collection of novels from Reader’s Digest. It is a 4-in-1  Select Editions by Reader’s Digest. I had received the book as complimentary gift when I renewed my Reader’s Digest subscription many, many moons back.

I was not even aware that the little book worm singled out this book until I saw her all wrapped up in this book for days. I took a closer look at the book and I could not believe that she was actually reading my novel, which is meant for young adults!  And she actually got so obsessed with the book that she read it for hours on end during the CNY holiday.


Cass reading the novel during lunch at home…

She brought it along with her when we went out for breakfast…

And she even stashed the book in her backpack and read it on the train during our ride back to Ipoh over CNY.

I can’t believe this girl has such strong interest in war stories dated way back to 1941 as she bombarded me incessantly with questions regarding the war.  And Nicholas Sparks’s romance stories too. Oh my oh my!!  She’s such a voracious reader, she’s definitely stacking up to her 2 older sisters and even her mum!


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