Time-Table For Kids

I have never really made in mandatory to impose a time-table for the girls at home. But of late, someone has been spending too much time on her i-gadget which pisses me off. I told her dad about it yet again, who gave her another pep talk (on same issue again!); and he said she could continue to hold the said i-gadget on condition that a time-table must be drawn out and abided to. And my condition to the girl is the i-gadget must be out of her bedroom and into my bedroom by 9:30pm every night. The girl ain’t happy about this whole thing at all but a mum has to do what’s right but seem unpleasant, period.

After she drew up her time-table, the other 2 sisters followed suit and drew up their own time-table. That is why it is so important for the oldest child to set good examples coz the other siblings are watching. Monkey see monkey do.

Cass has been very serious about her time-table (thank God for that!). But she has an ulterior motive!  She wants half an hour of screen time on her phone or iPad everyday! I am fine with this as long as she finishes her school homework, tuition homework, my BM homework for her and piano must be practised daily. After all, everyone needs to do something that he/she likes to de-stress. She did a draft on her own time-table and I make sure that she follows it. On the first day of using her time-table, Cass was late for bed by half an hour. On the second day, which was yesterday, she was 15 minutes late for bed but lesser time was wasted on dawdling. She was working very fast and she did things without having being told. If she’s late, she would have to forgo her screen time.  Her piano piece was also played perfectly well yesterday, even without me standing next to her guiding her or me hollering to her “B flat, F sharp, rest, timing…!!”  from afar 👏👍

Today is CoCo day at school and she came home late. As of typing this post, she’s at the table doing her school homework. I’ll see if she can still meet the timeline on the timetable.

When I attended a parents’ briefing at Cass’ orientation day 3 years ago, I remember that the parents-students-adviser stressed that without a time-table, a student is less likely to excel, whether academically or in extra CoCo activity. This adviser has 2 kids who are state swimmers with intensive training everyday and yet are in the top class.  I think this is so true. Without a time-table, there is no target to meet and a child tends to dawdle on unimportant things. They tend to sleep late and have trouble waking up in the morning. Ideally, I want my girls to have 8 hours of sleep each day.  Numerous studies have shown the importance of sleep and the effect sleep deprivation can have on our brains. It is well-known that poor sleep patterns can contribute to lack of attention, memory loss and such brain disorders as Alzheimer’s and dementia. A lack of shut eye also shrinks the size of the brain.

Do you set a time-table for your school-going kids at home? Do you ensure that they follow it?

Pix below – a mesmerizing rainbow stretched out beautifully on the sky after a very heavy downpour yesterday evening.

Some where over the rainbow – can you spot KL Tower and KLCC? 🌈

Oh yes, did you manage to catch a glimpse of the super huge orange moon for the past few nights? It was even bigger than the super moon that we saw from our side several months ago.

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