Our Mid-Term School Holidays

For the first time in many years, we didn’t bring our girls anywhere for a holiday during the mid term school holidays which ended yesterday. We were supposed to join our usual group of buddies and their kids on a boat-stay at a river in Grik, Perak but had to cancel our plan because of my operation.

On the first three days of the school holidays, our ‘staycation’ was at the hospital. But our girls didn’t complain one bit. When I asked them if this was the most unhappening and boring school holiday, Drama Queen quipped that she still enjoyed the school holidays as never in her life before did she have the opportunity to drink a total of 3 cups of frappuccino for 3 days consecutively  at Starbucks 😎 Each cup cost RM15. We don’t normally splurge on gourmet drinks and beverages on our girls, except for the occasional fruit juice and smoothies at Boost Juice.  The hospital (Sunway Medical Center) was like a luxury hotel to the girls. They had their meals at Starbucks and O’Brien Sandwich and had access to free WiFi at the hospital for 3 days.

Two weeks after my surgery, we went for a brief shopping trip at Mid Valley Megamall to get new school shoes for the girls. I did some shopping at Daiso. I had 3 personal helpers to help me carry my shopping loot 😍

On Sunday (14 days after my surgery), I am finally all better and felt very much like myself again. The three holes on my lower abdomen and the sutures have dried up. Cass was begging me to bring her down to play at the playground. She wanted to play with the two stray cats at our condo. I have not smelled fresh outdoor air for two weeks and was also raring to start exercising once again. We went for a leisurely evening walk at 7:30 p.m.. I missed my daily exercise regimen and breathing in fresh outdoor air so much.


For once, I really enjoyed my walk with the girls at the walking tracks. The smell of the trees, frangipani flowers, the jungle reserve next to our condo and the cool evening breeze was truly invigorating.  Today the new school term commences. I started my early morning exercise again today, albeit with only walking and nothing strenuous.  When I reconnected with nature after a 2-week absence from the walking tracks, it felt like two lovers reuniting after a long absence from each other 💕