Renewal Of Passport At UTC Pudu (Tuesday, 28 Nov 2017)

We were back at UTC Pudu at 8am this morning to have our passports renewed.

Yesterday evening, we were greeted by this notice when we reached the Immigration Dept at UTC:

All the numbers for the day had been taken and we were told to come back the next day. BUMMER!!  With only 5 days to Alycia and Drama Queen’s flight to Hong Kong, we were all getting a tad jittery with so little time left to renew the passports. Plus the school holidays have just started and all the immigration offices will be swamped with people.  That’s the reason why I have never liked anything done impromptu, especially trips.

When we reached UTC at 8 a.m. today, there were at least 40~50 people ahead of us.  We’re so going to camp there I thought and I was worried that Cass may not make it on time to reach her school by 12 noon to attend her 3-day STEM Lab holiday program.

After a half-hour queue (thanks to my 3 big darlings) for helping me queue up while I sat down and replied to emails on my phone, we got our numbers.

The numbers that we got were 1041, 1042, 1043 and 1044.  Hubs didn’t need to renew his passport. Just the girls and me. The number being attended to at that time was 1002.  So we had to wait for 39 people ahead of us. Great. We found some seats at the back and I whipped up my box of cut fruits for the girls to munch on.  Someone didn’t want to eat anything when she got up this morning.  She should be thankful for the fruits that I had packed along for her to snack on, else she would be regretfully suffering from gastric pains by 10 a.m.

After 1.5 hours of waiting, it was our turn.  A suave, lanky, charming and cordial bloke attended to us. Within 20 minutes, our four passports renewal process including photo taking at the counter was done.  Then waited for another half an hour to pay.  Payment is RM200 for adults and RM100 for kids below 14 years old.  We paid RM600.  After payment we were told that our passports would be ready within 1 hour. However, within 15 minutes, we were called to collect our passports. That was super efficient!

Drama Queen signing on the form to acknowledge receipt of her renewed passport.

For renewal of passport, these are the dox required:

1)  Original birth certificate of the child
2)  Photocopy of birth certificate (1 copy)
3)  Original My Kad and My Kid of the child and the accompanying parent
4)  A copy of the IC of the accompanying mother or father for every child who needs passport renewal. For me, I had to make 3 copies of my IC for my 3 girls.
5)  1 copy of My Kid / My Kad of the child
6)  RM100 renewal fee for kids under 14 years old (for 5 years)
6)  RM200 renewal fee for adults (not sure though if there is a discounted rate for senior citizen) (for 5 years)

There is no more 1 year renewal. Only  for 5 years. Not sure if they have for 10 years though.

There are no forms to fill out by the applicant  for renewal of passport.  Kudos to the Immigration Office! 😉


Wear a dark colored top or bring along a dark colored jacket to wear over your light colored top.  I brought along a black jacket with no collar.  Else, you can wear the oversized blazer provided by them 😀

During photo-taking, you will be told not to show your teeth when you smile.  When Alycia smiled and exposed her teeth, the handsome bloke told her not to show her teeth. I was informed that this is a new ruling.  Really?!

So the four of us had to smile without showing our teeth. Someone is really very unhappy with how she looks in her passport – a stifled smile that made her look really hilarious and she has to bear with the picture for the next 5 years lol!

One thing I like about the new Immigration Office at UTC is that you can have everything done from photo taking to photocopying at the office itself. When we renewed our passports 6 years ago at the Jalan Duta Immigration Office, we had to move from one floor  to another to have our photos taken and to photocopy our documents.

The 2.5-hour wait was not bad at all considering it being a super peak period (school holidays).

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11 Weight Loss Mistakes Everyone Makes

Many of us are thinking about trying to lose a little weight before Christmas. In most cases so that we can gain it back again with all of the holiday eating. But, then when January hits, you might want to start thinking about a more long-term plan. Losing weight, leading healthier lifestyle or toning up are typical new year’s resolutions.  Even those that are usually happy with their figures can be tempted to try and lose a little weight following some heavy festive overindulgence. Most people fail. We spend our years drifting from one diet to another, losing a few pounds only to put it straight back on again, never quite happy with the results or how we look. That’s because most of us are making at least some, if not all, of these 11 mistakes.


Setting Unrealistic Goals
The main reason we fail when it comes to losing weight is not setting realistic targets. We announce that we want to lose a huge amount of weight for a specific date, which is either too close to be realistic, or that far away that we’ve got no real motivation.

If you are a relatively fit and healthy person, you should aim to lose around 1lb per week. That’s about 3500 calories. So, to lose that one pound, you need to eat 3500 calories less than you use up. Which means cutting 500 calories a day, or burning off 500 extra with exercise.

A combination of both is for the best
Setting a weekly goal, while working towards a larger goal gives you a realistic, measurable target. While one pound a month doesn’t sound like much, it’s something that you can achieve, and quickly starts to become a noticeable amount.

Weighing in Too Often
A huge mistake people make is weighing in every day, sometimes twice a day. If you are only going to lose 1lb per week, daily you might not notice a change. So, you’ll be disappointed and much more likely to give up or overindulge. Instead, weigh in once a week to measure your success.

Not Exercising Enough
Cutting 500 calories a day can be a lot. And, even if you do manage it, it might not work for long. Or if it does, you’ll be left with a soft, flabby body. To lose weight consistently and look fantastic, you need to exercise. Home Improvement loans can give you the option to install a home gym if you don’t fancy exercising in public, but there are plenty of options, so you are sure to find an exercise regime that suits your tastes and lifestyle.

Making too Many Changes
Crash dieting is always a mistake. Making too many changes to your diet isn’t sustainable, and you’ll put all of the weight back on as soon as you stop. Instead make a few simple changes to your diet such as cutting sugar, switching to brown rice, pasta and bread and drinking more water. Cutting entire food groups is unlikely to help you lose weight and could affect your health.

Not Allowing Treats
Dieting doesn’t have to mean that you can’t have the occasional treat. Allowing yourself to have a little of what you love will help you to stick to a diet and see great results. If you try to stop yourself completely, you are more likely to give in and have a huge binge.

Eating the Wrong Things
Dieting isn’t just about cutting calories. If you are aiming to eat 1500 calories a day, then it’s important to realise that not all calories are equal. 1500 calories of nutritious and healthy food, such as brown pasta, salads, cereal and grilled meat can fill you up easily. 1500 calories of junk food and treats won’t seem half as filling.

Missing Breakfast
People think that cutting breakfast is the easiest way to cut calories from their diet. But, failing to eat breakfast can see you eating more calories throughout the day. Instead, opt for a healthy and filling breakfast such as eggs or porridge to start your day right.

Overestimating Exercise
When you diet, it’s important to track your calories. Sounds easy enough but when you are exercising and cooking your own meals, it can be hard to figure out. Overestimating the number of calories your exercise burns can allow you to think it’s safe to eat more than you should. A fitness tracker can help but as a guide, a 150lb person jogging at a 12-minute mile pace for one hour burns around 475 calories.

Underestimating Calories
Another common mistake people make is underestimating how much they eat. Portion control can be a massive problem for dieters. If a 50g Portion has 200 calories, you need to make sure you only have 50g to be able to record 200 calories. It can be useful to weigh your food or use a portion plate to help.

Drinking Too Much
Dieters often fail to track the calories from any drinks they consume. Fizzy drinks, alcohol and high-fat drinks such as milkshakes, contain as many calories as some meals. Try to avoid them and stick to water instead but if you do drink something else, track the calories accurately.

Going Low-Fat
Fat, in small quantities, can actually be very good for you. Low-fat foods often contain more sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. So, instead of switching to low-fat thinking you are making a healthy change, just try to eat smaller quantities of full-fat products.

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be difficult. With so much advice and so many different guidelines on what you should be doing or eating it can be easy to get confused and try to take everything to the extreme. But, for most of us, this won’t lead to lasting results. Instead, you need to make a few simple changes like eating less sugar, drinking more water and exercising more. Focus on eating a healthy and well-balanced diet and getting regular exercise, and you’ll soon find the lbs dropping off.

If you want to lose more than 10% of your body weight, it can be a good idea to chat with your doctor or a nutritionist to get help

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