Our Wednesday, 6 Dec 2017

Life with only a child is pretty free and easy!  Now I understand  how my friends with only one child have so much more time than me to do things that they love.  With only Cass to care and cook for, I find I have so much extra time on hand.  I could finish cooking in under an hour, have time to update my blogs everyday, have the luxury to sit at the cafe to have long lunches, can sleep in till 8 a.m. and much more.  One of the biggest relief is the amount of laundry that I can cut down. Even the floor at home is cleaner with only one child and two adults.  And dinner preparation is easy peasy with so little veggies to wash and so little meat to prepare.  Tonight I will be cooking another one-pot dish, i.e. stir-fry celery with fish paste and mushrooms. Cass doesn’t like rice, so I can even skip cooking rice.  I’ll probably blanch some noodles for her or just pop a piece of bread into the toaster.

Our brunch today is at De Market Supermarket again.   We love having our brunch here as the place is air-conditioned and clean. After lunch, we can do  grocery shopping.  We shared a bowl of meehoon soup with fish balls and fish cakes.

The Rubik’s Cube that Cass was playing with while we were having lunch disintegrated.  She spent the entire time that we were having lunch figuring out how to fix the cube back, piece by piece.  Back home, she turned to Google for help but alas, it is still incomplete as she could not find a piece of the cube. She must have dropped it at the supermarket.  Just one piece and the cube will be fixed. She’s so upset over this.

After a heavy and sumptuous buffet lunch followed by Korean for dinner yesterday, Alycia and Sherilyn burnt off their calories at the running tracks this morning. The two towering buildings behind them are The Cliff and The Summit.  The weather in Hong Kong now isn’t as cold as the time we were there exactly two years ago.  The two sisters are having a gas in Hong Kong. Lucky girls!

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