How To Look Youthful

If you are not endowed with youthful DNA, fret not. The main tools to combat ageing are food and exercise closely followed by skin care and hair care.

Cutting down on calories could significantly slow the ageing process, say scientists. They believe that the key to a better old age may be to reduce the amount of food on our plates, via an approach called calorie restriction. This diet goes further than cutting back on fatty foods from time-to-time; it’s about making gradual and careful reductions in portion size permanently.

Exercise slows cell aging. Exercise doesn’t just make you feel younger – it may actually turn off the aging process in your chromosomes. The powers of a steady fitness routine are impressive: regular exercise can help you build stronger muscles, stave off chronic illnesses and make your clothes fit a whole lot better. But there’s another benefit of physical activity that deserves a shout-out: the way even moderate amounts seem to shave years off your age, no matter how many birthdays you’ve actually celebrated.

Pamper your skin. As we age, our skin changes and we may not feel as confident with our faces. Having a young looking face and glowing skin can also be signs of health and vitality and influences how others react to us. By practicing good skincare, modifying your lifestyle (get enough sleep and eat clean), and considering medical treatments, you can make your face look younger and have glowing, youthful, skin.

Pamper your hair too. Just as our skin ages, so does our hair. We need to moisturise it more and pay more attention to it. The oil glands shrink with age and produce less oil, hence the lack of shine and moisture, and the diameter of your hair gets smaller so you have less body. If, like me, you have thin, dry hair to begin with, it’s a disaster. Thus, I have lots of bad hair days.

Cover up your greys and whites. It’s best to choose a color that is fairly similar to what your natural hair color is so that it appears more natural. You could choose to get your hair dyed at a salon, or you could choose the cheaper option and buy an at-home hair dying kit. You must remember, however, that all hair dye is damaging to the hair, so avoid dying it too often, and use products designed to care for damaged or dyed hair. An alternative to dying your hair is to don on a wig.  Modern technology has created wigs from human hair that gives you a natural look. You could choose blonde lace front wig or blonde bundles if you have fair skin and want lighter color wigs.  I don’t mind some blonde hair extensions clip in to give my dull hair a lift 😉

Banish stress. Finally, give yourself a break. I can never stress this enough – kick off the stress! I know I am guilty as charged. Recent studies show that stress causes physical changes in the body that can accelerate aging. It shores up inflammatory processes in skin that can exacerbate conditions like psoriasis, acne, and eczema. Social support plays a huge role in stress levels, so make sure you’re meeting up with friends. Or do anything that makes you happy. Also consider relaxation techniques like breathing exercises or journal writing. Whenever I blog, I feel de-stressed and happy 🙂

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