Preparing For Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just two weeks away.  While some of us look forward to seeing our beloved family members, old friends and relatives during this festive period, others dread the thought of meeting nosey relatives who bombard too many prying and sensitive questions.   Whether they’re inquiring about your plans to marry or having a partner, reproduce,  job-hunt, your body shape and even how much hair you have, it is extremely annoying to brush off their insensitive and persistent line of questions.  I have gone through these questions years ago and I am sure many of you too.

If you are at lost for a good excuse / answer to those prying questions shot at you yet again this year, you can always Google for an appropriate answer.  For insensitive comments about your body shape, weight and even how much hair you have or even on the texture of your hair, fret not, you can start to do something about it now.  I have a friend who lost a huge amount of hair after her second child was born that she resorted to wearing a wig during one of our CNY gatherings.   If you are too shy to shop for a wig, you can always shop for it online. More and more online hair products shops have popped up in recent years to cater for the huge demand. One such shop is, an online store that specializes in high quality 100% natural human hair extensions and wigs,  located in the largest hair production city in Xuchang, China.

Whether you are looking for human hair weaves, clip in hair extensions, tape hair extensions, 360 frontal, 360 lace frontal, hair bangs, 360 lace closure or ponytail, BHF Hair has them all and much  more.

Here’s wishing that you’ll have an enjoyable and happy time with your family, friends and relatives this Chinese New Year.  Do not let your unfounded worries on the sensitive questions that your friends and relatives will be bombarding you with drag you down. Have fun, be yourself and for the worst case scenario, just laugh off those prying questions. You do not owe anyone an answer 😉

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