My Monday, 6 February 2018

After a riding out a very challenging year last year, I only realized recently that I have not had a foot spa and pedicure for 17 frigging months! I was just too preoccupied with my health issues last year and didn’t have the mood for a foot spa or pedicure. I just wanted to get back my health on the right track.

Yesterday was a good opportunity for me to do it as I needn’t have to drop  Drama Queen at school at 1pm. Instead, I dropped her off at 10am.  With only 3 hours window of time before Cass returned home, I told my pedicurist that I only had 3 hours for my foot spa and pedicure.  Thankfully Sofia was my pedicurist again. She’s very thorough in her job and always gives my feet a beautiful make-over.  She assured me that she could get the job done. And she did.  But I had to choose a simple design for my two big toe nails so that she could get the job done in the shortest possible time. Because of the time constraint, she used nail stickers for the nail art this time, instead of painting.  I chose ‘diamonds’ too, which cost an extra RM3 for each ‘diamond’.

After I left the saloon with my beautiful feet, I tried to be extra careful when I walked. But alas, when I got into the car, I accidentally knocked my toe on the door as I got into the car, DANG IT!!  The nail polish at the edge of my right toe came off.  My  heart broke💔.  I was in a hurry to join the hubs for lunch as I only had 30 minutes for lunch with him before my rush home like Cinderella.  I hurried back up to the salon for a 5-minute touch up and the lady boss didn’t charge me for the touch up.

Sofia cleverly painted the affected part with purple nail polish and touched up the ‘scar’ with some silver glitter nail polish.

After lunch with the hubs, I got home just in the nick of time to receive Cass at 1:30 p.m.

At 4 p.m., I met the assistant principal for afternoon session at Drama Queen’s school on the Dual Language Program (DLP) classes matter that I had raised via a formal letter to the principal last week. I recently got to know from Drama Queen that this year, the high school that she’s in has been approved by the MoE to conduct Math and Science in DLP (BM and English).  Only selected schools are approved by the MoE to conduct Math and Science in dual language.  But Drama Queen was not selected to be in the DLP class as she did not fulfill a few criteria.  At the meeting, I was informed that there are still  chances for Drama Queen to be transferred to the DLP class if she gets good grades for her Math, BM and Science in the mid year exam in June.  I know that the chances  are 50-50 as BM is Drama Queen’s weakest subject.  Math and Science are currently taught in BM in non-DLP classes.  Drama Queen did comment at the start of the year that she’s finding it challenging to study all the subjects in BM, after 6 years of studying in a Chinese school.

I’ve done my best and it’s now all up to Drama Queen to fight for what she wants. She has until the final exam  this year to proof herself to the principal that she’s worthy for the ‘promotion’ to one of the two DLP classes next year. Each class only has 25 students. The transfer / promotion to DLP class is not applicable anymore for students in Secondary 2 and beyond.  Whether she makes it or screws it up, the ball is now in her court 🙏🏻💪🏻🏀  Sherilyn, you can do it!  And I know you still secretly read all my blog posts 😉


4 thoughts on “My Monday, 6 February 2018

  1. Quick suggestion: go for the gel polish which costs a bit more but dries almost immediately and stays on till removed. Removal costs a little extra. I usually opt for this if I’m travelling.
    I haven’t been in 3 months(!) but it is winter here and we have socks all on the time!😆

    1. Gel polish sounds great for me. I move around too much and too fast and prone to knocks and bangs. Next time will definitely try gel polish. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. The Chinese Independent Schools here are teaching Maths and Science in English, not sure about the ones at your girl was very glad that the UPSR Maths and Science papers last year were in dual languages, she is weak in her Chinese…probably can consider Chinese Independent School for Drama Queen since her Chinese is strong.

    1. Hi Agnes
      This girl’s Chinese is not very strong. She has never liked studying in Chinese. The CIS that Alycia goes to teach Math and Science in English too. Text books are in English but in exams, questions come out in a mix of English and Chinese. Thus, she has to study in two languages for all her Science subjects and Math. The toughest yet is China history in Chinese and the CIS type of Math, which is different from SMK Math. I’ll see how she fares in her exams this year and will only decide on the next step. Thanks for your suggestion 😉

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