Cheesy Online Purchase And I Discovered Something!

I’ve always thought that I am DIY-challenged. I hate anything that’s DIY, including Lego blocks. I have zero patience for DIY stuff. I think they are a waste of my time.  Thus, I never buy DIY furniture and fixtures.  Why waste an hour assembling a furniture when you can buy ready-made ones? I just don’t get it!   But the hubs is the polar opposite of me.  He’s a sucker for DIY furniture. For someone who doesn’t have much patience, I’m surprised that he actually has tons of it when it comes to assembling DIY furniture and appliances.  Alycia has inherited this DNA of mine, unfortunately, thus I can never count on her to help me in this department.  Thankfully I have two other daughters who love this sort of challenges.  But I can’t always count on them due to their limited time spent at home.

Last week, I ordered a Felton 5-tier plastic cabinet from 11 Street. It’s my first online purchase from 11 Street and I think it will be my last. I’d stick with Lazada.

5 Tier Drawers Plastic Cabinet / Plastic Furniture / Office Cabinet & Storage
Picture of the cabinet from the 11 Street website.

From the 11 Street website, the plastic cabinet looks pretty good. I chose pink, which is my favorite color. NOTHING is stated under the description section that this cabinet is a self assembled cabinet.  I have never once come across a fully dismantable multi-tiered plastic cabinet.   The existing multi-tiered plastic cabinets that I have at home are all with a one-piece frame and drawers that come in one piece which I can slot into the frame easily and smoothly.  I was in for a huge shock and WTF moment when my parcel finally arrived after 5  days of wait with no update on the website on the status of my parcel.   When the medium-size box arrived, I knew I had been ‘scammed’.  When I opened the box, confirmed I was ‘scammed’.

See the pieces of the cabinet here.  I didn’t order a DIY / FIY cabinet for Pete’s sake. All in there were about 40 pieces with NO instructions. WTF!!  How on earth am I supposed to fix this darn thing?  I am DIY-challenged and I have absolutely no time to assemble this.  And the cheesy quality of the plastic is another WTF moment.  Inside the drawers were strands of cut-off plastic. The color of the black plastic looks faded and dusty.  The frame bars were crooked and they looked as if they would dent after a few knocks.  I wanted to return this piece of crap to 11 Street but I dreaded to think of the tedious return and refund process.

Sliver and Golden Sequin Backdrops Backgrounds

So gung-ho me squatted under the fan in the living room (it was a sizzling hot afternoon) and started assembling the pieces together. I had no frigging idea how to slot the vertical bars into the rectangular frames tightly.  The bars just wouldn’t lodge properly. Then I remembered Drama Queen using a hammer to knock on a DIY wooden picture frame with multiple parts, done under the school’s Living Skills project.  I used some strength and knocked the bars into the gap on the frame and then I heard the clicking sound.  It was secured finally!  That’s only for one bar. There were 20 bars and I had to use my cow strength to knock them all into the frame using my hands. Securing the wheels was another WTF and cussing moment.  Even the handles of the drawers had to be lodged into the gap of the drawer. I was sweating and mad as hops and vowed that I will never ever order such furniture online again.  Long story short, after an hour, the 5-tier plastic cabinet was erected but it wasn’t perfect.    As the cheesy plastic frames and bars are not aligned, the drawers can’t shut tightly. Cass found out later that she had to bang on the drawer with all her might to shut the drawer.  WTF!!  LOL!

This piece of crap is a joke.  It cost me RM136 (RM119 + RM17 shipping).  I won’t even donate it to charity. It looks like it’s going to end up in our balcony to store our floor mats and gardening tools.  The hubs had a good laugh. Well honey, it looks like you’ll have to bring me to the mall to get a better quality one.

On the hindsight, I’ve discovered that I am not that DIY-challenged after all.  Even without my handy manny and Drama Queen around to help me, I still managed to assemble a FIY (fix it yourself) furniture. Not bad ya?  I won’t deny that this felt like brain surgery to me but nothing is impossible if there’s a will.

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