Medical Check Up For 2018

I had my cholesterol and sugar blood work done two weeks ago.   Results are not too bad. Sugar reading is perfect at 4.9. Cholesterol reading is not too bad  at 6, despite me  being a carnivore the past one year, eating red meat like a tiger in a desperate attempt to increase my total blood count to evade a blood transfusion before my surgery on 31 May 2017.

I can’t believe that it’s almost going to be one year after the surgery. Where did time go?! At this time last year, I was a worrywart and nervous wreck, worried sick of an impending surgery.

After the laproscopy myomectomy, I continued feasting on red meat, eggs, red dates, red bean and everything red. Now that I am no longer anemic, I have to eat red meat sparingly and become a flexitarian again.

Today was my appointment with Dr Tan, the doctor who performed the surgery on me last year. I opted for the RM350 package which comprises of pap smear and ultrasound scan of the pelvic and breasts.

My blood pressure is normal and no longer low as I am no longer severely anemic. Praise God!

Uterus looks clear too with no growth or anything suspicious.  Fallopian tubes look good as well after an ultra strong dosage of oral antibiotics that I took for 2 weeks in October last year to clear off an infection/blockage on one side of the tube. The antibiotics almost ‘killed’ me. If you’ve been following my blog, you’d have read the pain I had suffered during the period I was on antibiotics.  Praise God again for healthy reproductive organs, though I have no intention of getting preggers again.

Now on the upper front part.  My Aunt Flow is due in two weeks and normally at this time of the cycle, my twins are lumpy and painful.   I had expected the scan to pick up some cysts. True enough, some fluid filled small cysts no bigger than 1cm each were seen. Most of the time, my twins will get back into shape with no more lumps and pain after the Aunt Flow has gone off. I am pretty in tune with my body and  every woman should too. The doctor isn’t worried about the cysts but she told me that the cysts (and uterine fibroid that I once had) are caused by stress.  She said that stress is the ultimate cause of all these female disorders, especially breast cancer.  Looking at all her breast cancer patients, she told me that most of them are very stressed. The type of profession that a woman holds is accountable for causes of cancer too.

Having breast cysts do not increase your risk of breast cancer.  But stress can!

Dr Tan advised the following measures to prevent breast cysts:
Exercise in particular yoga
Breast massage
Stress therapy
And the usual healthy diet and getting enough sleep

She could not stress enough how important it is to banish stress from our lives.  I told her that I am especially short fused when dealing with my kids and she told me that she was once like that too but after attending a few sessions of stress therapy, she no longer screams at her children and in turn, her tween and teenage children are so much more manageable and self-driven now. Well, this is easier said than done. Perhaps I should consider attending stress therapy (which costs RM600 for 4 sessions), which is actually consulting a psychologist!


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