Fast Food Scented Perfume

Pizza Hut scent perfume, Burger King Whopper scented perfume or Auntie Annie’s pretzel essential oil, anyone?  For fans of these popular fast food who are on a diet, you may be interested to get these perfume to help satiate your cravings. Just dab your favorite fast food scent on your wrist and smell the ravishing scent away any time of the day to tame your urge to bite into the real thing.

This intoxicating fragrance will leave you smelling like a greasy, artery-clogging, freshly sliced piece of pizza that just came out of the oven. Garlic stick cologne is available too! Ewwwww!

eau de pizza hut

Burger King releases Whopper-scented perfume

I think my hardcore pizza lover daughter would love to receive a bottle of pizza scent perfume on her next birthday! She thinks of pizza all the time. I saw her studying a Domino’s flyer while she was eating fruits last week. I think she was probably planning on what to order on our next home delivery pizza order. I bribed her with a promise that she could choose a pizza of her choice if she let me take a picture of her. She accepted the bribe and we had Domino’s pizza for dinner on Sunday 🙄

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Book Your Flights Early For General Election 14

Now that the General Election date is set for 9 May 2018, my Facebook news feed has been flooded with updates and comments from friends on the election.  Many of my friends from around the world and within Malaysia are planning to book flights back to their hometowns to vote.  Good thing I changed the address of my IC last year when I was at UTC with Sherilyn to get her new IC when she turned 12.  Had the address on my IC remain the old one, which is my hometown address, I would have to take the ETS train back to Ipoh to cast my vote. I can imagine how jam-packed the train station, airport and highways will be with Malaysians traveling back to their hometowns to fulfill their responsibility.

A construction material company from East Malaysia went a step further to display their patriotism spirit by granting three days off work, all-expenses paid return flight tickets and a RM300 allowance for each worker to return home to vote. Wow, that’s true patriotism that every company should emulate!

In conjunction with the upcoming 14th Malaysian General Election, Air Asia is waiving flight change fees for bookings issued in Malaysia where the travel date falls on polling day (9 May 2018) to ensure your travel plans are not affected.

This offer applies to Malaysian citizens only, and must be done within ten (10) days from the announcement of the polling day by the Election Commission of Malaysia.

AirAsia will not be able to provide free flights for the 14th general election, but the airline is doing its best to keep prices down.

Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB), together with its sister airlines Firefly and MASwings, has joined several other airlines in waiving the flight change or flight rebooking fee for Malaysians with existing bookings who wish to travel during the upcoming 14th General Election.  This is to allow Malaysians to fulfill their responsibility as voters.

 The parent company of Malaysia Airlines, Firefly, and MASwings said in a statement that the decision was made to allow Malaysians to fulfil their responsibility as voters. — Reuters pic

Besides MAB, Malindo Airlines is also doing the same for their passengers.  It is offering a waiver for passengers who may want to make changes to their bookings if it falls on the date of GE 14. Malindo said it would allow for both the change fee and fare difference to be waived if the travel date is amended and the destination remains the same.

I was surprised to learn that even Cathay Pacific is doing its part to help Malaysians during GE 14.  The Airlines announced that it is waiving ticket rebooking and re-routing charges for travellers whose flights fall on the GE14 date.  The waiver is applicable for all flight tickets issued in Malaysia for Cathay Pacific and its sister airline, Cathay Dragon.  The airline said the waiver is only applicable for Malaysian citizens, and only one change would be permitted for all tickets, including those with restrictions on date change.  The waiver applies if the election date falls within the passenger’s inbound or outbound travel dates. Passengers are required to make the change within seven days from the announcement of GE14.


My bestie who works in Kota Kinabalu has just booked her flight back to Kuala Lumpur on 9 May to vote.  She plans to make it a day trip but she hasn’t managed to get flights from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu yet and is now on wait list.   She’s trying to book her return flight at Traveloka now.  Traveloka is  now offering a 14% discount off all domestic flights booked from 12 – 15 April 2018 for travels between 1 – 15 May 2018.  Traveloka also has deals and promotions on their  already low-fare flights. Do check them out and see what deals you can get.

Have you booked your flights back to your hometown to vote?  Quick book your cheap airline ticket now to avoid disappointment.  If you don’t get to vote this time, you will have to wait for the next GE in 5 years’ time and that’s a long time to wait.  Don’t wait any further yeah!  Book your air tickets, bus tickets or train tickets today and arrange your transport back to your hometown to vote on Wednesday, 9 May 2018!

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