Mother’s Day 2018

On Mother’s Day Sunday, I was rushing to complete the usual chores at home before church service at 9 a.m.  After 2 rounds of laundry, boiled 2 rounds of water and mopped the floor, I was sweating bullets.

Then my Alycia, the least expected one, the one with royal fingers who doesn’t like to dirty her hands, the one who hates all kitchen chores, presented me with my Mother’s Day breakfast (pic on the right).  It was meant to be a heart shape bread spread with garlic & herbs cream cheese but it looked nothing like a heart shape. I asked her what it was and she told me it was a heart shape. Then the both of us burst into peals of laughter.

Cass also prepped something for me. It’s a piece of bread art with cheese, painted with hazelnut chocolate spread. Very nicely done.

But with only 20 minutes left before service would start and I hadn’t showered yet, I didn’t have the mood nor the time to sit and relax and enjoy my breakfast. I only had time to hurriedly stuff Alycia’s bread into my mouth and while chewing, quickly rushed to the bathroom to have a quick shower.  I never have the time to sit down to enjoy my breakfast during the weekends. I had to abort my plan of washing my sweaty head and hair.  I even had to stop Drama Queen from prepping breakfast for me. We were running late and I didn’t have the time to eat.

This is one of the sacrifices of being a mum ~ even on Mother’s Day, where I am supposed to sit back, chillax and do nothing, work at home continues. My man doesn’t help with house work 😡.  Guess I can only have the time to be a lady of leisure in 10 years’ time.

After service ended, all the mothers were treated to Gelato ice-creams.  All the youths from the Fellowship (including Alycia & Drama Queen) worked hard to prep home-made waffles and serve ice-creams to the mothers.


Below: My waffle, hot from the waffle maker, prepped by Drama Queen and Alycia, with 2 scoops of Gelato chocolate ice-cream.  I could only eat half of this as I already had 2 scoops of ice-cream (green tea and strawberry) sloshing in my tummy!

After church, I went to 99 Speedmart to get some groceries. While I was at the checkout counter, I got a surprise.  Out of a sudden, I heard someone wishing me  enthusiastically “FOR YOU. HAPPY MOTHER DAYS” … and then someone from behind me handed out a stalk of carnation to me.  The girls and I burst into peals of laughter again. So sweet of the general worker  to give me a stalk of carnation. For someone who could hardly speak English, he tried his best to wish me, albeit in less than perfect English.

Lunch was at Les Deux Garcons (LDG) again, the man’s favorite cafe.  It was when we were waiting for our food that I remembered that we came here for Mother’s Day lunch too last year!  How time flies yo!

Salad and pumpkin soup with garlic toast.

Egg omelette and fries with photobomb from someone really hangry; spaghetti bolognese for Cass who never ever gets sick of it.

Mushroom chicken chop for moi; LDG beef balls for Drama Queen.

Ice-cream and cake, on the house from LDG for mothers. But I gave them to my 3 piranhas who can really chow down like a champ. They have a bottomless pit and can out-eat all their peers and even we adults!  I’ve had enough of ice-creams and wasn’t even hungry when we had lunch.

Cass made this moving card for me at Sunday School. At the pull of a stick behind, each card pasted on the stick flickers, with a message written on every card.

Perruques cheveux naturels

And behind the card, my baby girl clipped a one Ringgit note to it 💝


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4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2018

  1. Hi from HK! Looks like u had a pretty good Mother’s Day! We didn’t bother to go out as I really can’t handle the crowds here, so I cooked noodles in the apartment! And got drunk on vodka lime cocktails, going to bed at 10pm! Not ashamed….
    I have a husband who is not keen on housework too but he will do chores when told; I think you really need to get your hubby to help out too especially on Mother’s Day. Marriage is a partnership after all.

    1. Hi Chris! You’re done with your Msia tour already?
      I went to bed at 10ish pm too on Mother’s Day as the next day was school day.
      My hubby is the type with very high tolerance level to dirt. He can go days and maybe even weeks with a dirty and dusty floor. He always tells me that we have a part time maid coming in 5x a week and that’s good enough. So on weekends, he says I should not stress myself mopping floors and doing house chores. It’s me who has OCD who can’t tolerate. Sigh, wish I have that high tolerance level too!

  2. Will be headed to KL next, for a week or so. Forgot to add that with 3 daughters, you don’t want them to grow up thinking that the “man” ( note the quotation marks!) can get away without housework. Or that it is a woman’s responsibility to clean the house, do the groceries, run errands, cook….
    I wish I had a part time helper 5x a week!
    My husband has to be told what to do eg. I asked him to sweep the floor, and he said he did it already LAST week! Had a good laugh when I told my friends! I also make sure the in laws are fully aware what he does or doesn’t do. They feel he did me a favour marrying me!🙄😏😂

    1. My girls know that their future husbands must be willing to do housework. I always moan to them how their dad doesn’t do housework. I also drum into their heads and brainwash them on what they should look out for in their selection of a good husband. I have a long list which I always remind them. haha!
      And my mil fully knows that his son has been spoilt (and still is!) and she always sides him, citing that he’s very busy with work 😨 😰

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