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Two months ago in April, in my very first purchase from Young Living, I ordered my  first Savvy lipstick and I am so in love with it!  The color I chose was Wish (Nude Rose) and the color suits my skin color to a tee!

What I like about Savvy lipstick is that the colors are slightly glossy and very natural. Not the striking red, bright orange or fluorescent pink type of colors. Before this purchase, I was hunting around for a glossy lipstick that’s made from natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals and lead. And I finally found my baby at Young Living!  I can’t wait to try their lip gloss in my next purchase.

Why should I get lipstick from Savvy Minerals by Young Living?

Because all other lipsticks out there have LEAD.

Lead is a known carcinogen found in lipsticks and hair dyes but never listed because it is a contaminant and not an ingredient.

When you kiss your kids, lead gets into their system through their lips or skin. When you eat with your lipstick on, you ingest lead and chemicals.

Remove the worry and ONLY USE SAVVY LIPSTICK and LIPGLOSS from Young Living.


How to test Lipstick for “Lead”.

Lead is a chemical which causes cancer.

Recently a brand called, “Red Earth” decreased their prices from HK$67 to HK$9.90. It contained lead.

Brands which contain Lead :-

1. Christian Dior – 4
2. LANCOME – 2
4. Y.S.L – 5
7. RED EARTH (Lip Gloss) – 2
8. CHANEL (Lip Conditioner) – 2

The higher the number of lead the higher the content which means a greater chance of causing Cancer. After doing this test, we found Y.S.L. lipstick to contain the most lead. It is not easy to “REMOVE” because of the lead. Watch out for those lipsticks which are suppose to stay on longer.

Here is a test you can do yourself:

1. Put some lipstick on your hand
2. Use a 24k-14k Gold ring to scratch on the lipstick
3. If the lipstick color changes to black in time then you know the lipstick contains lead

Share this information to all your girl friends (copy and paste).

If you wish to purchase this lipstick at member price, click here  to sign up as member (signing up online is so easy and fast!) or email me at You can also Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290.


Photo credit: Oily Families on Facebook

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