True vs False – Women’s Perspective on What Really Happens on a Stag Do

A Stag Do weekend will always present a man with an opportunity to hookup with his overly enthusiastic friends and some crazy what to do ideas. They will go out together to have fun and create a weekend to remember.

However, these men affair weekends have not gone down well with some women. Women are surely always wondering what bad their fiancé and his crew will do on Benidorm stag weekend or what stag do activities in Amsterdam will they choose just to upset them intentionally. Sometimes they are right, but most of the time they will be proved wrong and their concern will be completely unnecessary.

To be honest, there is a lot that goes on during Stag Do weekend and majority of activities are positive, but there is other half which certainly will upset women. Some of the most common activities are: 

Spending the night in a bar
Men will tend to spend the night in a bar and grab “some” drinks. Fortunately, some of them will be faithful enough to just take their beer and go home. However, some of them are a bit naughty. After taking several bottles of beers, their judgment becomes impaired.

They will turn to grind random girls that come across them. This is a possibility that has kept many women insecure. And any hint that their fiancé will be attending a stag event gives them goosebumps.

It is something that happens quite often during stag weekends. It is practiced by married men attending their friend’s weekend. Most of the times they do it to upset their women back at home or just hope that they will not be discovered. Fortunately, some men are good at holding their horses. They will avoid any temptation that comes on their way just to remain faithful.  

The possibility of the groom being “abused”
This is something most women worry about. Yes, the groom is usually “abused” on his stag weekend and most of the time he will not get mad over it. Even if his friends are placing him intentionally in crazy situations and maybe going a bit far with providing some love treats, just to spice up the party, there is nothing that bad in that and women need to chill out on this possibility and know that their man will come back home ok.

Everything that is done on your fiancé while out on a stag weekend is just in the name of having fun. Remember, he is out with his friends whom they have shared some memories. They will wish to bring back those memories they hold dearly.

Expect men to be cheeky
While out on stag weekends, men will be somehow cheeky. They will take part in childish acts, in the name of having fun. This is something they will find solace in. Playing hide and seek, beach volleyball and many more activities will be part of their schedules.

Stag weekends are very vital to men. It is a chance for them to enjoy with their fellow men just before marriage. Therefore, it is important for women to wish their men the best of luck as they head out for this event. Most men will be faithful enough to be reasonable while having fun.

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