Pomegranate Chocolate Cake

My baking queen’s last bake for the year 2018 on 31 December 2018 was a hyper-delicious pomegranate cake, cafe style, complete with decor.

It’s pretty unbelievable that a 13-year old baked this!

When Sherilyn was much younger, I had suspicion that she had ADHD as she was always hyper-active (and kept getting herself into accidents till I bought an accident insurance for her when she was 1 year old), didn’t need much sleep (even up to this date!) and could not focus in her studies. We were always in loggerheads simply because she was bull-headed and so am I! She loves to answer me back whenever I say that she’s stubborn by snapping this remark at me “whose genes do you think I have?

When Sherilyn was 10 years old, my suspicion was quelled. She baked a gluten-free strawberry cake for her granny’s 70th birthday, all on her own. And then she googled many other recipes and baked tons of other stuff. My all-time favorite is her meat pie.  That was when I saw how focused she could be when she was doing something that she loves.

Ok, back to this hyper-yummy pomegranate cake!

Sherilyn spent over 5 hours on the cake. She had wanted to bake the cake on 30 December, i.e. on the actual day of her dad’s birthday to surprise him but we were out the whole day and I had to stop her from baking.  Thus she baked it as a belated birthday cake for her dad the next day.

This cake is truly very pomegranate-ish.  Every bite of the cake has fresh, juicy rubies of pomegranate in it.  Even the cake batter and butter icing have pomegranate juice in them.

The pastel pink butter icing is composed of white chocolate, pomegranate jam (which she made a week earlier), butter and sugar.

Pomegranate jam made using freshly juiced pomegranate rubies, lemon juice and a little sugar:

The chocolate cake is coated with a layer of dual pastel colored butter icing, which she used blue pea flower for the blue and pomegranate juice for the pink.

She baked three cakes using organic cocoa powder, sliced the cakes into half and stacked them up to a taller height. The cakes are sandwiched with dark chocolate butter cream.

Mixing the blue pea flower colored water into the butter cream:

The chocolate wings for the decor are made from frozen melted dark chocolate:

This cake tastes 100% like one bought from a fancy schmancy cafe.  Even after 3 days when we ate it today, it still tastes good.

Even her hyper-critical foodie dad said the cake tastes “OK la”.  When this comment comes from him on anything that we bake or cook, this means it’s GOOD.  When he pushes the food aside and said “lousy or no good”, it means it is still good but not up to his hyper-high standard la. 🙄 🙄

Even Alycia who is always hyper-critical of everything that Sherilyn cooks or bakes commented that the cake tastes like some cafe-bought cake but said that the decor needs some improvement if she has intention of selling her cakes 🤑

I give my baking queen a 9/10 rating for this cake 😍.

She’s really on her way to selling her cakes and bakes very soon! 🤑


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