Sunday, 27 January 2019

My hyper neat-freak hubs who has the most annoying OCD of being neat was on the loose on Sunday! Coz CNY is around the corner.  He is one who will start to be the neat inspector before CNY  each year and before his mum, the Queen returns from overseas 😆 When his OCD is unraveled, I will stay far, far away from him, for him to do his annoying deed as he is not one who will quietly discard, clean and re-arrange without hollering, criticizing (about how untidy we all are) and demanding for things from wet wipes to plastic bags, staplers, pen, etc. etc.  Wait till he is in my shoes with a full-time job of managing his 3 demanding kids on top of being his PA, his mum’s PA and driver, the kids’ driver, the cook, the accountant, the maid with no pay and the wife.  I’ll wager he won’t stay in this one-leg-kick job for more than 2 days.

From 7:30 a.m., this neat freak sat next to the filing cabinet to re-arrange all the files, went through every file and removed documents that are no longer necessary / important, wiped the shelves and re-arrange the files, all the way until 1:30 p.m.!  This is insane OCD!


Thankfully this time his temper wasn’t flying everywhere. I left him to do the job alone and went to the church with the girls. When we got back, he was still sitting there, wiping and polishing the shelves 🤣


Now, this filing cabinet which I’ve always hated to open for fear of files tumbling down is super neat with sparkling clean shelves too! The files are now pleasantly easy to remove and are not bursting with documents.

Who needs Marie Kondo when I have my very own Marie Kondo at home?  My hubs’ modus operandi of tidying is pretty much the same as MK, which is throwing most things out (he loves throwing things!) and keeping things that spark joy to him. But he’s annoying coz sometimes he throws my things and keeps them at different places without telling me! When I ask, he says “I don’t know” or “I forgot already”  This always makes me rip-snorting mad.

Tsk tsk, if you ever need a professional tidier like Marie Kondo, you can engage my hubs. You will surely be 100%  super pleased with this Mr Neat OCD tidying up your mess.  He actually has friends and relatives willing to pay him to do the shit job of clearing, cleaning and tidying absolutely unimaginable cluttered store rooms. But no, he has no time to take up this side job 🤩

In the evening, we went to the hubby’s uncle’s house to have an early Yap family CNY reunion dinner as some relatives had to return overseas this week. It was a great reunion with traditional Hakka dishes, lots of meat, lots of photography and a traditional ang pow giving ceremony.

Below: our girls with their pretty aunt W who is the hubs’ cousin and the same age as Alycia  (16yo this year) and  granduncle #2 from New Zealand.

With  aunt W and uncle R (hubs’ cousin) from New Zealand.

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