Izumio & Super Lutein – Super Good Promotion Until 28 February 2019

Cass has been drinking Izumio hydrogen water for 4 years.  I stopped drinking Izumio  last year for about half a year as I wanted to see if stopping it would mean a weaker immune system for myself.  And hell yes, I kept getting the sniffles and sore throat so frequently that I started to drink Izumio again recently. I also increased my Super Lutein dosage from 1 capsule to 3 to 4 capsules a day. So far, all has been well.  That’s all I can to say. I am a very taboo-ish person and won’t say too much of anything good about myself, lest the opposite happens! Can’t help it. I spent 17 years of my life growing up with my late maternal grandmother (who hailed from Guangdong, China) who had a lot of ‘pantang’ and taboos that even up till today, I still think that they exist and practise some of them! 🤫 🤭

I can write an entire post just on my late maternal grandmother’s ‘pantang larang’, I kid you not. Perhaps one day, I’ll just put down a post on it, in remembrance of my very much loved late por por.

Anyway, back to my Izumio and Super Lutein purchase!

If I could afford it, I would still have been drinking a few packets of Izumio a day. Same goes for my 3 girls. I can feel the difference in my health when I was drinking 2-3 packets of Izumio and popping 4-5 capsules of Super Lutein a day.  But now, only Cass gets to drink a packet everyday. The other 2 girls and I would only drink it as and when we feel a little under the weather. Cass had the most difficult babyhood, being exposed to a lot of radiation from a battery of scans since she was an infant and was on prophylactic antibiotics everyday of her life since she was 6 weeks old until around 16 months old. Thus, only Cass gets the privilege of drinking a packet of Izumio everyday to detox her body.

When I saw February’s promotion from Naturally Plus, I immediately signed up for a 12-month package.  What I’ll get in a usual 12-month package is 12 products plus 2 and sometimes 3 free products.  But for February 2019 promotion, we get 5 free products!  Now that’s more than RM1,000 saved!!

My friend was so efficient and sent the products to my door step the next day after I’d made payment! And he even gave me two tubs of CNY cookies.

All these should last me till end of this year and hopefully by then, Naturally Plus will have this free 5 products promotion once again.

The February promotion has been so encouraging that Naturally Plus is extending it to 28 February 2019!

This is by far the best promotion offered by Naturally Plus. If you are interested in taking a package or just want to try out one or two products, do let me know. I can be reached at email shireenyong@gmail.com OR Whatsapp 019-266 4290.

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