Sherilyn’s Slogan Contest Cash Prize

“Mom I won, I won, yes I won in the contest!!” my drama queen squawked across the living room yesterday afternoon. I thought it’s just another Tealive, cookies or free movie tickets that she’d won from Facebook or Instagram.  She trotted to my work desk and showed me the Insta message she’d received from the contest organizer.  My drama queen had indeed won and it’s a RM500 cash prize from a slogan contest organized by Rage cafe, woohoo!

The thing is the prize must be collected within 24 hours. Thank God we’re still around the next day (but not day after next).

So today I brought my drama queen to Rage Cafe at Bangsar to collect her cash prize. Alycia tagged along too to bask in her sister’s 20-minute fame 😆

Enjoy the pix of Sherilyn’s 20-minute fame collecting her RM500 cash voucher today. It’s her second biggest contest win, the first being a Huawei mobile phone which she won in a spin-and-win 3 years ago.

And to the tune of “I wanna be a billionaire” by Bruno Mars 🤑

Throwing RM50 notes in the air like a wannabe billionaire for the organizer to film the act. The video can be viewed at the Rage Instagram page.

After claiming her cash prize, sure must buy a drink or two from the cafe la to treat mom and big sis 😍

And flaunt a bit of her kickboxing and Muay Thai moves la… photos of which are surely Insta-worthy for her page.

Rage has a cosy little section complete with bean bags, a punching bag and gloves for stressed out fellas to let off steam.

Flat whites fused with oat, coconut or soy milk, matcha matched with sweet palm sugar or sour plums: Unconventional couplings and specialty coffee concoctions are all the rage at Bangsar’s new cafe for busy bees and social butterflies seeking a space for both work and play.  Easy access to public transport (public bus and MRT are just steps away) means RAGE Bangsar is a convenient stop for mobile workers (communal tables come complete with power points at the cafe.

Sherilyn gave an early Hari Raya angpow to her beloved kakak Maria today the moment she got home.  Kakak Maria spoils Sherilyn by folding her clothes and changes her bedsheet (which I always strongly forbid but still she secretly does them) and does not complain a wee bit when she has to wash oily buttery post-baking utensils after Sherilyn bakes. Kakak Maria is the best part-time helper we’ve ever had.

Thank you so much Rage for the awesome cash prize win!!

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