Sunday, 29 Sept 2019

Today the mil returned from New Zealand after a 2-month long holiday. She came home early in the morning while the girls were still in bed. Today is also the eve of Cass and Alycia’s final exams for 2019!

Despite today being a Sunday, the girls got up at 7:30 a.m. to welcome grandma home and to see what goodies she’s brought back from the land of honey, kiwi and avocado.  As usual, there were loads of Whittaker’s Almond Gold and hazelnut chocolate slabs (everyone’s favorite!), jumbo size avocados, apples, panoply of gourmet cheeses, honey, healthy bread, beef jerky and a replete supply of snacks for the next 1-2 months 😊 😋

My favorite healthy nut bar from Pure Delish:

The hubs dragged everyone to Bangsar South (again!) for lunch.  Alycia and Cass were not really keen to go as they wanted to stay home to revise for their exams. But hubs said Sunday is a family day, the only day that he can have lunch with all his girls; so yeah, everyone has to go.  So they brought their books along to the restaurant 🤭

Dessert was ice-cream at Sunbather Coffee:

And had roast vegetables takeaway from Parklife for dinner:

Sherilyn baked a loaf of keto chocolate brownie for breakfast and it was yums! Ingredients are composed of organic oats powder (instant oats blitzed in our Blendtec blender), organic extra virgin coconut oil, 6 eggs, organic cacao powder, sugar-free dark milk chocolate, pinch of salt and vanilla extract.

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