Creepy Day

Our evening today ended with everyone shaken by a grisly incident at our apartment gym. Alycia who was at the library with her friend and Math tutor witnessed a death scene at the gym.  The library is located opposite the gym.  A man who was lifting weights at the gym suddenly collapsed onto the floor and died instantly.

A serene evening at our apartment was suddenly overtaken by pandemonium, people screaming and wailing and moments later, we heard sirens wailing.  From the 5th floor, I heard a woman screaming and the guards shouting. I looked down from my room but didn’t see anything unusual. Then we heard the sirens but didn’t think much about it; it’s not uncommon to hear sirens here as there’s a fire station and hospital near our apartment.

A couple of hours later, Alycia came home after tuition at the library and narrated to us about what she has just witnessed.  She had previously seen the man several times at the gym and it disturbs her that someone who is familiar to her just died in front of her.

When the man slumped onto the floor, a couple of residents administered CPU and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on him for almost  half an hour until the ambulance arrived but sadly, he didn’t make it.  Then Alycia saw a white cloth draped over the man.  A woman who must be the man’s wife ran to the gym wailing and sobbing.  The lobby looked like a fatal crime scene with policemen, medical and forensic workers and curious residents.

Alycia was traumatized over what she has just witnessed and had a hard time trying to concentrate during tuition. Now that she’s back home her mind keeps drifting back to the death scene. She can’t seem to get herself into a revision mode for her exam tomorrow.  The deceased’s face, the white cloth over his body, the woman’s cries, the policemen and ambulatory staff; and the fact that the man died in the gym, a place that she goes to everyday just troubles her. Going to the gym will never be the same again for Alycia and me.  She will now visualize the deceased lying on the spot where she normally steps onto the moment she steps into the gym. Even I find it creepy to exercise outside the gym at 6:30 every morning when the gym is not opened yet.

And would you believe it if I told you that this morning, on the morning that this incident happened, as I was doing my strength training just outside the gym, from the reflection of the gym’s glass door, I saw a figure in white walked behind me?  There was no sound of foot steps, which creeped me out.  Seconds later, I walked behind to check if there was anyone but saw no one. I figured that the white figure was just one of the guards in white uniform but I guess it wasn’t.  I felt awkwardly strange and eerie but tried not to think too much about it until tonight💀 👻

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How CBD Oil Works For Treating Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety disorders and depression affect many people. Numerous studies have shown that the best CBD oil for anxiety can treat various forms of anxiety disorders. While some can manage to combat these conditions using antidepressants, these pharmaceutical drugs cannot be relied on as they come with harmful side effects. 

Severe anxiety and depression can affect relationships, jobs, and your ability to socialize especially if your family and friends don’t know how tch vape pen works and the health benefits of the oil. That is why these disorders should be treated to avoid becoming maladaptive. CBD contains powerful anti-anxiety properties, is non-toxic and safe to treat disorders such as:

Social phobia
Mild and moderate depression
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Panic disorder
Generalized anxiety disorder

Depression & Anxiety
Anxiety presents symptoms, including extreme self-consciousness, excessive worry, panic attacks, and chest pain. Depression makes you feel sad and disinterested in things you once loved.

One of the safest and natural ways to treat depression and anxiety is using CBD oil. CBD is becoming popular, and more studies are still underway to determine its effectiveness.

It is essential to learn more about CBD oil before using it for your anxiety and depression. Talking to your doctor will help you to get the right product and dosage for your condition. 

How Does CBD Work When Treating Depression and Anxiety
CBD boosts the signaling through the serotonin receptors. Studies have revealed that CBD can affect serotonin much faster than antidepressants. It signals the serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin receptors help to control your happiness and calmness levels. CBD will help you relax without causing any side effects.

The best CBD oil to help relieve depression and anxiety should contain organic ingredients and be high in potency. Avoid products with artificial sweeteners. CBD oil comes in various strengths, and you should get one with the best strength when treating your anxiety.

For depression, CBD oil works by increasing the serotonin amount in your brain. This causes a positive effect on your motor skills and emotions.

CBD oil also affects the hippocampus – an organ that helps to regulate emotions. The hippocampus does not function well when you have depression. When consumed, CBD will help to promote neurogenesis in the hippocampus.

CBD and Neurochemistry
The body has a built-in system that helps to process cannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in homeostasis. Therefore, CBD can regulate mood, appetite, sleep, and level of anxiety. 

CBD impacts brain receptors that respond to anxiety. By normalizing the levels of serotonin, CBD oil reduces all the anxiety-related symptoms.

What is the CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety?
CBD oil is yet to be approved by the FDA for its medical capabilities. But it has been approved as a treatment for anxiety. The right dosage for CBD oil has not been determined. Find the correct CBD dose depends on your age, weight, and how intense your symptoms are.

Since cannabidiol is non-psychoactive and safe, it is not dangerous to take. Only when you experience mild side effects like nausea and dizziness will you need to lower the dose. However, a medical expert or the CBD oil manufacturer can also help you determine the right dose for your condition.

How to Use CBD Oil for Depression and Anxiety
CBD is available in different forms, from sprays to candies, to oils. Even so, no one type can be considered the best. It depends on your condition and your preferences. That is why it is vital to choose the right method of administration for you and your situation.

Here are the four formulations you can choose for your CBD consumption:

Through Edibles
Edibles include foods and drinks such as CBD infused gummies and other candies. You can also use CBD in your beverages and meals.

Oral CBD Consumption
Oral consumptions include capsules, sprays, tinctures, and oils. They can be taken as they are or be used in coffee or smoothies.

CBD as Topicals
Topicals include CBD infused beauty products that can be applied directly to the skin. These are lotions and creams. They are ideal for alleviating pain. 

CBD Vaping
CBD oil vaping uses a special pen known as a vape. The pens come with heating chambers that help to heat CBD concentrates to produce vapor for inhaling. Vaping is one of the quickest methods of inhaling CBD.

CBD oil has been studied and found to be effective in treating mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Studies have also found that CBD has powerful therapeutic effects. However, CBD may or may not interact well with other medication. It is important to get a doctor’s advice before trying out your CBD oil for anxiety, depression and other conditions.

CBD is now becoming a popular remedy for several health issues. There is no denying that it can help to control anxiety and depression. Since it is not approved by the FDA, you have to be keen on the product ingredients when purchasing.

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