Emotional Day

The past 3 days have been nothing short of highly emotional for me. My blood was up and my emotions were running high.  I was really upset and incensed with someone the past 2 days.  And the situation is inexorable. A catch-22 situation. No way out kind of situation.  Thankfully I had someone whom I can pour out my feelings to.

I was still in a crappy mood today until Cass came back from school and told me the best news ever. I was so overwhelmed with emotions from the news that I teared up a little.  And that’s the best news ever that I’ve received this year. I am so thankful to my heavenly Father for hearing me out. I had expected and fully accepted the worst but today, in a twist of event, a miracle happened.  I now need another miracle to happen to Cass, a big miracle with divine intervention.  Through Him, nothing is impossible. Something that was impossible just had an about-turn and I still cannot believe it. Thank you my heavenly Father.🙏❣️

Cass and her dad bought this cicak from a toy shop in Chinatown to scare me. Like father like daughter. Cass is a mischievous rat and slap-happy just like her dad.  First she stuck the cicak to my hair whilst we were in the car, on our way home from Chinatown.  Then she stuck this sticky cicak on the wall, next to the lights switch of my bedroom, thinking that she could scare me.  🤣

A rare pic (these days) with my pre-teen girl. She now dodges the camera like a plague. She gives me the most disgusted look each time I call her baby girl or BABY now.  What happened to my clingy koala bear?  😥

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