Dancing Queen

So my dancing queen resumed her contemporary dance classes on Tuesday at another dance studio on Tuesday.  This studio is not  new to her but the dance instructor is.  Sherilyn used to attend ballet classes at this dance studio when she was 4 – 7 years old.

On the same night of her first dancing class, she received an email from Asia Junior Got Talent, informing her that her dance audition video submission has been approved by the judges! And the finalists will be competing on 1 December 2019!

Two weeks ago, just before I sent her to school, Sherilyn got me to shoot a bunch of videos of her dancing. The videos are for online audition entries for a couple of dance competitions.  We spent over an hour at the function room of our condo shooting over 10 times until I felt dizzy! Dizzy cos this girl is such a perfectionist and she was instructing me how to aim the phone and I was running around in the room, trying to catch her at the best angle. As she was flipping and twirling around really quickly, I had to keep up on my pace.  One moment she was complaining that my sandals were making annoying sounds (can be heard in the videos) and the next moment she was saying that I didn’t know how to shoot at the optimal angle, thus wanted another take. I got so frustrated that I wanted to walk out of the room.🙄

So for the next 2 weeks, my dancing queen will be busy again, choreographing and rehearsing for the Asia Junior Got Talent finals. Guess this will be her last competition for this year and next year. Her competitions will resume after her PT3 exam next September.

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