I received a sizable amount of gold jewelry during my wedding 20 years ago. They were mostly from my parents and relatives from both sides of the families. Some of the jewelry are thick as dog chain while some are thin as dental floss. Whatever size and thickness they are, I treasure them all. I’ve been keeping these gold jewelry in the bank safe deposit box for the last 20 years and hardly ever wore them. When we had a wedding to attend last December, I couldn’t find among the gold stash a jewelry that matched my dress. I just randomly picked a thick dual color gold necklace (yellow gold and white gold plated) to wear but my sil from Hong Kong commented that the necklace is not in fashion anymore!

Thus, I resolved to get myself some à la mode gold jewelry as we’re going to have another wedding coming up soon! Another cousin of the hubs will be getting married in December this year. Since I had the time on Monday, I went to Poh Kong along with three pieces of my decades-old gold jewelry that I decided I wouldn’t be wearing anymore to trade-in for new ones.  Poh Kong charged me a whopping 25% commission for the trade-in! No wonder I received such good service from the staff.  The jewelry shop earned almost RM2k just from the trade-in commission!

My jaw dropped when the jewelry assistant told me that the 3 items fetched a price of RM7,500 AFTER deduction of the commission! I was only expecting a sum of RM2k or 3k. I think this must be the price 20 years ago for the 3 items.  Can’t blame this aunty here who hasn’t gone to the gold jewelry shop since her wedding 20 years ago 😂

Old jewelry.

New ones.

With 3 pieces of old gold jewelry, I got 4 new pieces – a pendant, chain, one-piece auspicious necklace with flower pendant and a bracelet. I have also chosen a pair of earrings but was told that I had to top up over RM500. El cheapo me was reluctant to dig from my wallet, so I now have a credit of over RM400 at the jewelry shop. I’ll be going to the shop again soon to dispose of more old jewelry to get the earrings. I think I’ll have an excess with the new disposal and shall get another pendant  ☺️

Did you know that the price of gold has been steadily increasing over the past 2 decades?  There’s been a 468.47% increase in gold price from December 1999 – November 2019!

If you bought gold at its lowest price in 2008 and sold it off at its highest peak in 2011, you would have made a fortune. Gold prices increased by more than 100% in those three years, from RM82.97 per gram on Oct 30, 2008 to RM181.38 per gram on Sept 20, 2011.

Gold has historically been an excellent hedge against inflation, because its price tends to rise when the cost of living increases. Over the past 50 years investors have seen gold prices soar and the stock market plunge during high-inflation years.

For those of you who have that little extra money and don’t want to place it in FD (which has miserably low interest rates), why not invest in gold?

For a seasoned player who would like to diversify your portfolio, there is always the option of purchasing gold via our local banking systems. Banks like CIMB Bank, Public Bank, UOB, Maybank, Kuwait Finance House all offer a gold investment account.  These investment accounts allow you to purchase and sell gold at the bank’s set price without having any gold in its physical form factor. With most of these accounts, you can get started with as little as owning a single gram of gold.

Chinese New Year is coming soon. Perhaps you should try your new year luck and invest in gold!  If you do earn from the price hike of gold later, just drop me a note to thank me or treat me to iced milk tea 😊

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Order Bak Kwa Online

Chinese New Year is less than two weeks away and for many of you, I am sure that you have not completed your ‘To Buy List’ yet.  I was at the shopping mall this morning and was really surprised that the mall was unusually crowded despite it being a working Monday and not a school holiday. These must be people who, like me are doing their CNY shopping. Getting a place to park took longer than usual and thankfully I was quite early and managed to grab a spot to park at the Ladies Parking section.  Most of the apparel shops and supermarket were  bursting with shoppers. The Bak Kwa shop that is usually pretty empty on work days had a long bee line too.

Bak kwa, for the uninitiated, is a barbecued pork jerky that is extremely popular amongst Chinese ethnic communities; especially so during Lunar New Year.  The barbecued pork jerky’s deep red colour is considered auspicious in Chinese tradition, symbolizing good luck and believed to ward off negative energies.

Our family is one big fan of Bak Kwa.  It’s the top favorite snack on the serving tray during Chinese New Year. But don’t you just hate having to queue up (sometimes under the hot sun) to get your favorite Bak Kwa?  Buy hey, for those of you staying in Singapore, you can get your favorite delectable Bak Kwa delivered to your doorstep by

If you have not purchased your Bak Kwa yet or need to order a few packets for gifting during Chinese New Year, just hop over to to place your order before they are sold out. You will have delicious pork jerky delivered right to you / your loved ones / friends / clients within 2 hours of ordering/payment.

The dried meat from are made from the freshest ingredients crafted in an age-old recipe of a unique blend of marinates to prepare the meat.   Charcoal roasted and bamboo sieved, the owners are still roasting Bak Kwa the same way it has been done since the 20th century to ensure maximum freshness and quality with its signature smoky flavor.  Hand-made only with no machinery, using Australian grain fed pork, 100% Non-GMO natural ingredients and no artificial flavourings, the taste of their Bak Kwa is mind-blowing!  And the Bak Kwa comes in air-sealed pack for added freshness and hygiene.

Bak Kwa Delivery offers 2 types of dried meat.

1. Traditional Sliced Pork Bak Kwa Original Flavour


2Sliced Pork Bak Kwa (Comes in 2 flavours – Mala & Spicy)

Get your Bak Kwa delivered today by following the simple steps:


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