Monday, 9 March 2020

I had a scare of my life today. While I was driving to the supermarket, I received a Whatsapp message from my gynae’s staff.  The message read “Hi, your pap smear results are out. Can I call you?”  

Moments later, the staff called me but I was parking my car and didn’t answer the call. I wondered why the staff had to contact me so urgently. *panic mode activated*

After I’d parked my car, I quickly called the number back.  I was told that the results would only be out on Thursday but today is only Monday!  No news is good news and early news is often bad news. Only with bad news would the clinic staff call you quickly so that you could start treatment pronto, no? Yes?   In previous years, the clinic staff only Whatsapp-ed me the pap smear report and never called me.

The staff went further to ask me for my IC number and in the past, they never asked me for my IC number!  I thought that they wanted to confirm that I was the right person before conveying the bad news to me.  I thought I was doomed.  Suddenly I felt like puking until  the staff said “your pap smear is normal”.  Yes NORMAL, yes, yay!  Only the cysts in my breasts need monitoring annually.

That’s another hurdle crossed! Thank you God for the normal pap smear result.

Next is my blood test results, which I’ve just received a text message from AA Pharmacy to notify me to collect the report tomorrow. The blood work is for lipid profile, total blood count, blood sugar, kidney and liver function, bone studies, uric acid, pylori and urine FEME (pee sample taken too).

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