MCO Day 6 – 23 March 2020

Today we didn’t have to cook brunch at home, yes!   Brunch of delish nasi lemak, Mee Siam and ayam goreng berempah (spiced fried chicken) was collected from hubby’s kitchen as he has food box packing for a corporate event today.

I heart those crispy fried spices from the fried chicken, composed of lemon grass, onions, curry leaves and a bunch of other freshly chopped spices, fried till crispy. So aromatic and addictive; goes well with rice, bread or noodles.

After collecting brunch from hubby’s kitchen, I went to 99 Speedmart to have a look see and was pleasantly surprised to see so much stock being replenished!  How could I leave the mart without getting anything right? I don’t want to come out again tomorrow. So I picked up a few items before heading home and spent the rest of the day at home doing chores and reading updates on the Covid-19 situation from my PC. Also watched the PM’s speech on the Covid-19 situation.  Nothing to rejoice over. I have this hunch that the MCO will be extended.

Below: Alycia watching a pre-recorded video of her Math tutor conducting online lesson last night and attending a life virtual class on Principles of Accounts conducted by her high school teacher today.

Below: Sherilyn attending a life virtual class conducted by her Math tutor.

Today sirens can be heard blaring throughout the day.  There were road blocks by the police at several areas at our neighborhood yesterday.

How’s everyone keeping up?  Have you lost track of time? My kids seem to have and sometimes ask me what day and date it is.  We watch the days go by one after another and don’t know how long days like this are going to last but one thing’s for sure, the MCO won’t be forever. We will regain our freedom again soon.

We have 8 more days of MCO to go. Am hopeful that there’s no necessity for the MCO to be extended.  Wuhan was on total lockdown for 2 months and still is, albeit the lockdown has eased a little now. The field hospitals have already closed as the number of new cases in Wuhan dropped.  If it takes Wuhan 2 months to have the lockdown loosened,  it might be the same in our country if people are stubborn and not truthful to the doctors. But let’s pray and be hopeful that we don’t have to go through 2 months of MCO 🙏

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