MCO Day 7 ~ 24 March 2020

Besides updating my blogs on what we cooked and ate throughout our MCO house quarantine, there’s really nothing much to update about. What else can we do besides cooking, eating, moping, cleaning, glued to the phone and computer and sleep? And the whole cycle repeats the next day, everyday, for God knows how long more.  This MCO could be extended and everyone is guessing that it will be looking at the number of cases everyday.

The government keeps reminding everyone to stay indoors via social media, newspapers, radio, TV and even text messages every single day. Never have we in the past received text messages from the Nasional Security Council and Health Ministry until Covid-19.  Everywhere feels grim and desolate, except for  the shops that are opened for people to buy food and essential items, which are not plenty.

Our condo is eerily quiet too. It feels like being in a science fiction film where some alien force has spirited away nearly everyone from our condo. I’ve actually had repeated dreams of running away in an apocalypse or panic situation with my family; this MCO seems like a deja vu.

So as expected from me, here’s the update on what we ate and did at home today☺️

Our brunch of fried meehoon with homemade lard, pork, fish balls, fish cakes, cabbage, carrots; a big pot of red bean tong sui (forgot to snap photo as I was busy cleaning up the kitchen after the mil cooked)

Dinner of siew yoke, stir fried fish slices with ginger + scallions, phai kwat wong (pork ribs king), stir fried lai park veggie, braised chicken, vegetable soup and leftover braised Hakka pork from yesterday.

After every meal, we have 4-5 baskets of plates, bowls, cutlery and kitchenware to wash, dry and keep.  There are two neat freaks in the house who are super anal about leaving the clean dishes unattended to, so everyone has to rope in to do the washing, drying and storing them after every meal.

MIL’s duty is to cook, Sherilyn’s duty is to wash the dishes, Alycia has to clean the table and bring the garbage to the refuse chamber and the littlest brat has to dry and keep the dishes… but she always gets away from her duty as her daddy will wipe them for her before she keeps the dishes. My duty? Everything else in the house – bathroom scrubbing, floor mopping, few rounds of laundry and anything that you can think of. Oh my poor chapped and wrinkled hands 🤲 🥺

Our dancing queen woke up at 8-ish in the morning to attend a free online exercise class conducted by an acrobat teacher in Canada.  At night, she attended a free online dance class.

The only time the girls get out of our unit is to the basement to collect groceries from the ‘head of the family’, who’s now in charge of shopping.

Today we attended a virtual birthday party of the girls’ cousin, E, in Hong Kong.  Via Zoom, the attendees were the mil’s daughters and their families from other parts of Hong Kong and Auckland. We sang happy birthday to E and took photos of the virtual celebration 🤭

What’s the first thing that you’d like to do on the first day that the MCO is lifted? I’d love to go mall shopping as that’s something that I really miss and of course soak in the sun every morning when I run my errands.

I’d like to wish everyone to be patient and remain indoors. This MCO will soon past  ☺️

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