Protecting Ourselves From Covid-19

During the initial days of Covid-19 in late January / early February 2020 when Malaysia only had a handful of cases, it didn’t strike us that we would need to stock up on face masks and hand sanitizer. No one saw that a month on, our country would go on a partial lockdown.  When the mil went to a face mask wholesaler in Klang with a friend to get a few cartons of face mask for sil from Hong Kong, we only kept a few pieces for ourselves and shipped everything to her.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later, the number of cases soared and everyone went into panic mode and hoarded face masks, hand sanitizers and antibacterial wet wipes. We didn’t hoard any as we couldn’t get them from nearby pharmacies and didn’t want to queue up to buy them. We asked a friend who works in the pharmaceutical distribution line to help us get some whenever she had the opportunity to.  She also helped us to buy hand sanitizer whenever stock was replenished.

Now, these face masks and hand sanitizer are like our bodyguards, sitting atop a cupboard at the entrance of our house. Before anyone of us gets out of the house, our SOP is

1. spray sodium hypochlorite water all over clothing, limbs and shoes. This is for hubs or me who have to go out shopping for groceries or food.

2.  apply hand sanitizer on hands.

3. grab a face mask.

Our precious stock of hand sanitizers and face masks, which keep getting out of stock at pharmacies.

Hubs’ friend gave him a 5-liter bottle of PECA sodium hypochlorite disinfectant water. As hubs is the one who usually goes out either to his kitchen or to buy stuff for the family, he sprays PECA disinfectant all over his body for protection.  PECA is a safe product and can be used even for face washing and throat gargling.

What is sodium hypochlorite?

The active ingredient in bleach – sodium hypochlorite – is very effective at killing the Covid-19 virus. The agent works by destroying the protein and what’s known as the ribonucleic acid (RNA) of the virus – this is the substance that gives the blueprint for making more virus particles when you become infected.

Before chlorine disinfectants like sodium hypochlorite were routinely added to our drinking water beginning about 100 years ago, many people became sick and died of waterborne diseases. These diseases were caused by germs infecting people through the simple act of drinking water.

Sodium hypochlorite solutions disinfect food preparation surfaces, food sorting machinery, containers and instruments of all types involved in producing, transporting and preparing the foods we love to eat.  We spray this solution on all takeout plastic bags before placing them on our table.

If anyone of you is interested in getting PECA sodium hypochlorite water, just give me a tinkle at mobile number: 019 266 4290 or email:

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3 Great Tips for Losing Fat While Building Muscle

Burning fat while gaining muscle is a delicate balance that takes some effort to achieve, but the good news is that anyone can do it! Here are three tips to help you reach that balance and advance on your journey to fitness.

Take Supplements
If you need a little boost to improve the results of your workouts, consider taking supplements. To promote muscle recovery, you could take a magnesium supplement or Omega-3 fish oil, which eases muscle soreness and increases your body’s protein synthesis. Supplements like Trimbolic First Fitness target areas of your body that store surplus fat, melting it away to give your body the leaner look you’ve been working toward.

Vital Green Plus Over 50 Vegetables, Fruits, & Phytonutrients

Eat Right
You’ll need to make major changes in your diet if you want to lose fat while gaining muscle. Eating enough protein is key. Each day, you should aim to eat 1 to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. This extra protein will feed your muscles, causing them to grow even while you’re burning fat. In addition, you’ll need to be sure to drink enough water and avoid caffeine and alcohol. Keeping your body hydrated helps prevent muscle injury and cramps, allowing you to continue to hit the gym to work toward your fitness goals.

Train Hard
It almost goes without saying, but if you want to gain muscle and lose fat, you’ll need to work hard in the gym. While weight training, focus on compound lift exercises that work multiple muscles at a time. You’ll also need to incorporate fat-burning high impact interval training into your routine. In order to allow your muscles to properly recover after a workout, vary your workout regimen and don’t train the same muscle groups on consecutive days.

group of women doing yoga

Getting in shape can be a trying process, but your goals can be achieved. By following these tips, you’ll be able to transform your body by losing fat while gaining muscle!

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