MCO Day 16 ~ 2 April 2020

Hubs and I went to town on a motorbike yesterday to get some groceries. Under the second phase of the MCO, only one person is allowed in a vehicle when they are out shopping for food and essential items. But we were both on a motorbike, defying the law blatantly.  We were courting trouble and trouble did we court. We were stopped by the police and then all of a sudden, I was left near Dataran Merdeka alone. My mobile phone battery has gone flat and I couldn’t call the hubs. I was waiting for the public bus to get home but the crowd was unimaginable. I didn’t have a face mask or sanitizer with me. I felt terribly insecure without my armor. Suddenly a lorry came to pick up people stranded on the street but I didn’t want to get up the overloaded lorry for fear of getting infected by the Virus. I was scared of humans, of the crowd, of being alone in a sea of people. And my dang phone is now useless. And my dang useless husband left me stranded in town while he went back to his office! I was fraught with fear and anger!

Thank God it was only a bad dream that I had last night!  I was jolted up from my sleep by this terrible dream and got up with a crick in my neck and shoulder blade.

This fear of crowd and going out is so immense that it has gotten into me 🥶 I think this phobia will stay with me and most of us for a very long time. Thank you very much Covid19.

Alycia must have been so dang bored cooped up in her room attending online classes and tuition that she got up early to cook breakfast for us. Never in her life has she done that before! That’s one of the plus points of this pandemic and partial lockdown.  It has pushed a reset button in all of us.

Alycia pan-fried spam meat with eggs. With both my eyes closed, Cass and I shared a piece. Both of us cringed as the spam meat is SO salty.  Imagine the amount of sodium and nitrite used to preserve the meat in the can for years! Why did hubs buy spam?!  Spam meat will only spam our health  😫

I  chugged down a huge mug of hot matcha to wash away the salty after taste in my mouth. So did Cass.  But I am glad that Alycia took the initiative to cook for us.

Fortunately mil cooked pork ribs porridge and the spam meat didn’t taste that salty when paired with the porridge (no salt added).

Dinner was delish Sarawak curry laksa that hubs bought to support his best friend’s Nyonya restaurant, Lima Pulo, Baba Can Cook, during this difficult time where most retailers and restaurants are hit hard by the MCO.

MIL also dished out steamed fish, braised turnip and radish soup.

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