MCO Day 20 ~ 6 April 2020

Some of the pet peeves that really vex me during the MCO:

The littlest rascal hoarding my phone to attend online lessons whenever #2 hoards her dad’s laptop to attend her online lessons.

Not only does the littlest rascal hoard my phone, she hoards my desktop PC simultaneously too, as she says she has to submit her online homework immediately via Google Classroom to her teacher whilst they are still engaged in Zoom class.

#2 instructing me to turn off the radio whenever she attends online tuition / classes conducted by school teachers.  She also instructs Cass not to practise the piano whenever she attends online tuition and online dance classes.  Yesterday evening, she instructed everyone in the house to remain as silent as a dead mouse for almost an hour as she had to record a dance move for an online dance teacher in Australia to review.

So what am I going to do when I have no phone, no music, no PC and no newspapers to read?!  And I can’t frigging get out of the house to exercise or dump all the negativity from my mind or indulge in a little window shopping! I can’t even sneak on a Magnum ice-cream without the littlest rascal taxing half of it.

And oh, those nagging from some insensitive people on silly trivial matters, trifling as a smell-less silent fart. Oh. My. Gawd.  I am going bonkers!

When the MCO ends, there’s bound to be an increase in mental cases, domestic violence and divorce (already happening as reported in the papers) and diseases from eating too much processed foods, deli meat and canned food and from lack of exercise.

So when I am about to dial 999 for help, I just lock myself in my room, cuss, swear,  breathe in and breathe out and pray that this MCO and damn virulent pandemic will completely come to an end pronto!

Our MCO day 20 dinner:

Braised pumpkin with dried shrimps and minced garlic, lotus root + arrowroot soup again, 12345 pork ribs, leftover foo pei from lunch and sauteed cabbage with turmeric and fish cake.

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