MCO Day 47 ~ 3 May 2020 (Sunday)

I sacrificed  my morning workout today to go groceries shopping with hubs. It’s a relief that the Government now allows two people from the same household to go shopping together.  When we buy groceries, we buy a lot, enough to last us for several days. And that’s a heavy load to carry to the car, unload from car and cart up to our unit. We usually need two trolleys to cart the groceries back to our unit.

Our baking queen’s itching to unleash her creativity in the kitchen again! Today she made an assortment of delightful gourmet tarts.  She made the tart dough a few days ago and the lemon curd yesterday.

Today she made the fillings consisting of passion fruit, apple cinnamon, matcha and maple syrup meringue. And spent hours on end decorating the tarts because she’s got all the time in the world to create beautiful tarts for our eyes to behold,  mouth to savor and for me to update on my social media site!  Watching how she patiently and meticulously fills up the tart shells with beautiful fillings is therapeutic.  I don’t have her patience for baking.  Perhaps if I had all the time in the world too, with no house chores to complete and no online work to rush, I’ll spend my free time baking. Perhaps I’ll bake for our girls when I’m retired and have nothing to rush  anymore, if our girls still haven’t left the nest yet. Half of me wishes that I still have my girls by my side and the other half of me wishes that they could fly high and soar in other countries.

My favorites are the lemon curd, matcha and passion fruit filled tarts.  The matcha filling is fashioned out of quality matcha powder, organic black sesame paste/jam and Toblerone white chocolate – it’s her creation and really explosive in the mouth.  Each mouthful offers so much euphoria. Diet be damned!

Dinner: radish soup, Assam curry squids with lady’s fingers, steamed cod fish, stir-fried organic sweet potatoes leaves and stir-fried mustard greens.

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