MCO Day 49 ~ 5 May 2020

Today is just another uneventful MCO day at home. My poor car is still stuck at the car repair shop as the boss is facing difficulties getting the spare parts to his shop due to the MCO.  I can’t wait to have my car back and give it a good scrub. She’s not taken a  shower for almost 2 months! I imagine myself dusting away inches of dust from my baby before getting into the car  😷

When May rolls in every year, my mind automatically brings me back to the year 2009 –   6 May 2009 to be exact.  It’s the day that Cass’ life and mine would change forever.  11 years ago today was the eve of Cass’ major surgery.  Cass and I and our helper, Dyah, checked into GMC Penang exactly 11 years ago. I couldn’t sleep the entire night with too many what ifs and worries on my mind. I could never sleep well in any hospital.  Never in my worst case scenario imagination would I have expected to be cooped up at GMC for almost a month.  And during our 3 weeks stay at GMC, everything that could turn wrong, went wrong. Even hubs was hospitalized (in GMC too), in an isolation ward for suspicion of H1N1 on the day of Cass’ surgery! And I was all alone, worried and having chills outside the OT, waiting for half a day for my baby C to be wheeled out of the OT. I, too, had high fever on the day of Cass’ surgery.

The GMC nightmare is now behind us, though Cass is still not 100% out of the woods yet.  She’s scheduled to undergo an MRU at HKL in 2 weeks. Hubs went to Cass’ school to collect a letter from the principal today, to confirm that she’s a student at the school so that we don’t have to pay for the procedure. This procedure would burn a big hole in our wallet if done at a private hospital.

May has always been an eventful month for me. I’ve never liked the month of May.  But this year’s May may be a better May for me, maybe? I hope and pray that it will be. ❤️

Our lunch today – reheated beef bolognese dip that I’d made a week ago, to go with baked wholemeal tortilla.

Our baking queen used the entire packet of Gardenia wraps to make the tortilla chips.

Many of my friends asked me why I’m still so slim despite having a hubby who lives to eat and who’s in the F&B industry, and now Sherilyn’s favorite past time is baking.  Well, the answer is here —

By the time I’m done snapping the best photos of the food, what’s left for me is just one miserable spoonful of whatever that’s on the plate.  I have 3 perpetually hungry piranhas with bottomless pits.

Dinner of bitter melon omelette, pan fried scallop nuggets, braised organic Japanese pumpkin with dried shrimps and garlic, ‘pak choy’ soup with pork bones, braised sand ginger organic chicken and blanched lady’s fingers.

Something light-hearted in the light of Coronavirus  😆

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Why Women Love Fake Eye Lashes

According to a study conducted by a psychologist at University of Winchester in New Hampshire in 2017, it was revealed that both the genders view the eyes as the most important facial feature. Gorgeous hair and lips are also important factors in the beauty stakes, while the nose was reported as one of the least important features.  This is the reason why women spend a lot of time and money on beauty products for their eyes, from eye liners to eye shadow and false eyelashes.

I’m pretty sure you had in the past gotten up late for work and panicked, wondering how you were going to transform your naked face in under 10 frenzied minutes. Or maybe you had an important dinner to attend and wanted to spice up your routine makeup to give a magical touch to how you look.  Well, reusable eyelashes is the answer to the stunning look on your face!

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Falsies also benefit your natural lashes. Unlike mascara that may cause your lashes to turn brittle and weak, false eyelashes act as an alternative to reduce the impact on your natural lashes, thus allowing them to grow thicker and healthier. You just have to use the correct application method to ensure that your false eyelashes do not cause any sort of damage to your natural lashes. And remind yourself not to rub your eyes as this can pull off both the natural and fake lashes!

False eyelashes are an essential item in your vanity kit. There are various types of eyelashes from Lashine such as Eiffel Tower Mink Eyelash, 3D Synthetic Strip Lashes, Magnetic False Eyelash and much more which you can choose to suit your style.

False eyelashes are a mainstream beauty ritual these days. Your eyes will pop against your fresh skin and people will notice how stunning and confident you look.  They are affordable and painless and guaranteed to make every woman who wants to look beautiful very happy.

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