MCO Day 59 ~ 15 May 2020 (Friday)

Our fridge is almost empty. Besides a few sticks of carrots and half a bitter gourd, there’s no more vegetables. I’ve not gone grocery shopping since shopping with hubs at Jaya Grocer on Sunday. But my car is still stuck in the car repair shop and hubs is stuck at his shop.  With so many things to buy, I definitely need help and someone to follow me to the supermarket. My post Carpal Tunnel Syndrome hands can’t carry heavy stuff or they will act up with terrible pins and needles for the next few mornings.  Sherilyn offered to go with me and she suggested bringing the trolley too. But the trolley wheels ain’t made for rolling on uneven tarred road or they’ll act up too with threats of falling apart! So my super girl folded the trolley and held it with her hand throughout our 10-15 minute walk to the nearby supermarket in the scorching 10 a.m.  ☀️💪🏻.

After shopping and buying our favorite fattening kuih again, we walked back under the 11:30 a.m. sun with face mask on and buckets of sweat trickling inside our stuffy face mask and clothing in the 37C heat 😷.  Sherilyn was struggling to push the full-to-the-brim trolley while I had 3 huge recyclable bags strapped to my shoulders and another hand holding a packet of toilet papers.  This time we used the main road where the roads are smoother and easier on the trolley wheels.  People who saw us must have done a double take on these 2 girls who look like buffoons 🤭  Luckily we had our face masks on and hopefully no one recognized us hahahaha!

Best workout in the world — it’s FOC, makes you sweat buckets, builds muscles and you’ll get your dose of sunshine vitamin and happy hormones 🤩

As most business sectors and offices have re-opened, most people were at work when we were there.  Thus, the supermarket wasn’t very packed at 10-ish a.m. today. I saw many familiar faces there — the retired uncles and aunties and housewives who would patronize the supermarket at around the same time everyday on pre-Covid19 days.

Our lunch and dinner today – Nasi Kerabu from hubby’s shop, Catermate!   Tastes like a million dollars and value for money. At only RM23 a pack, the bento box comprises of good quality fragrant rice, traditional condiments of kelapa tumis, kesum leaves, raw vegetables, half a salted egg, crispy fish crackers, Tenggiri fish masak gulai, Ayam Masak Hitam Berempah and traditional sauces. Hubby insists on serving good quality rice and we both went to Jaya Grocer to get the finest selection of rice for his bento boxes.

I discovered that the best place to shoot food pix is at our balcony where we get natural lighting. Thus, I don’t even need to edit the pix.  I ❤️ the 🌈 colors of the different types of food from the bento box.

Spiciness level is perfect for me and I’m one who can’t stomach very spicy food. The chicken is not spicy and the Tenggiri fish is mildly hot. And the toasted shredded coconut is da bomb. I could eat a whole box of it with all the condiments sans the rice.

If you’d like to try Catermate’s Halal bento box, kindly send a Whatsapp message to Alan at 019-266 4297. Thank you 💖

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