MCO Day 64 & 65 ~ Wednesday & Thursday (20 & 21 May 2020)

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The sunrise at 7 a.m. today was rather spectacular – the sky was not sure whether to cry buckets or smile sunnily.  It was dark and ominous yet amidst the stormy blue colored sky, the sun peeked out fleetingly from the horizon. The colors projected on the sky were too beautiful not to be snapped for keepsake.  Minutes after I’d snapped the photo, the sun was out of vision and it tipped down for a couple of hours.

After the rain stopped, I went jogging at the jogging treks of our condo, then walked to the mini mart to get some stuff.  My car that’s been stuck at the car repair shop for almost a month is finally ready for collection. I’m just waiting for hubs to squeeze out an hour of his time to bring me to the repair shop to collect my baby back.

We had brunch of dried olives and char siew fried rice and sweet potato tong sui boiled in ginger, pandan and brown sugar water.

Mil baked a big batch of Biscotti too.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Hubs walked to our favorite kopitiam to get us breakfast.  It’s heart-warming to see our favorite hawker stalls reopening again after being closed for almost two months.   After breakfast, I went for brisk walking at the jogging treks and then walked to the mini mart again to get some stuff.  As my post Carpal Tunnel Syndrome hands can’t carry heavy weights, I have to split my groceries shopping by foot into a daily affair.  Now that the Authorities have warned parents not to bring small children to the shopping mall, I guess I have to toe the line and not bring Sherilyn or Alycia with me to help me carry stuff. Though they are not classified as small children, it’s best not to court trouble as I don’t have the time to deal with shit and don’t want to part with a few thousand Ringgit in fine.

Today hubs finally took the time to bring me to collect my car from the car repair shop. How I miss my baby! I gave the interior a good wipe with antibacterial wipes before driving it again.  Now I don’t have to lug heavy groceries back by foot under the sizzling hot sun anymore, yay!!

Last Sunday, hubs and I dined in at Canton-I @ Gardens Mall after shopping for groceries at Jaya Grocer (for home and shop). It was our first time having brunch together during the MCO and CMCO.   When I looked at the wefie that hubs snapped, I noticed a stark difference in skin color on my chest. Can you see the two colors in stark contrast?  At a brief look, Cass commented that the white patches are shadows but on a closer scrutiny, they’re actually my original skin color. My daily jogs under the 10 a.m. sun has given me a nice tan, though I am not a fan of tanned skin.  The heck with having fair skin! As long as soaking up 40 minutes of sun gives me a boost in my mood and immunity, I’m fine with being a ‘hitam manis’ aka black beauty  ☀️ 😍

A study in Canada revealed that women who had the most sun exposure as teenagers and young adults reduced their chance of developing breast cancer later in life by almost 70 percent.  So I think getting a soak of 30-40 minutes of sun before 11 a.m. several times a week is A-OK. Just don’t sunbathe in the grilling afternoon sun though – I’ll get a migraine if I did that.


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